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Aerial Firing meaning in Urdu

Aerial Firing Sentence

Viral aerial firing video.

Aerial Firing Definitions

1) Aerial Firing : ہوائی فائرنگ : (noun) Aerial firing refers to the act of discharging firearms into the air, typically in a celebratory manner. It involves firing guns, rifles, or other firearms into the sky, often as a form of expression during festivities, cultural events, or celebrations.


Useful Words

Shooting : فائر کرنے کا عمل , Gun Carriage : گن رکھنے کا بٹوا , Fire : اسلحہ چلانا , Gun Trigger : بندوق کا گہوڑا , Machine Gun : مشین گن , Zero : نشانہ لگانا , Automatic Firearm : خود کار پستول , Muffle : ایک قسم کی بھٹی , Kiln : جلانے اور خشک کرنے والی بھٹی , Semiautomatic : خود کار فائر کرنے والے آلات , Shooting Gallery : نشانہ بازی کی مشق کرنے کے لیے بنائی گئی جگہ , Gatling : امریکی پہلی تیز رفتار فائرنگ گن ایجاد کرنے والا , Prime : بارود بھرنا , Ceramic : ظروف , Allay Munja Mar Wara : او میرے پیارے , Blitz : یلغار , Air Medal : تمغہ پرواز , Strangler : گلا گہونٹ دینے والا , Armorer : ہتھیار بنانے والا , Burst : بھڑکنا , Salvo : سلامی , Historicism : رسم و رواج کا تاریخ کے زیر اثر ہونے کا نظریہ , Reprisal : انتقام , Telecast : ٹیلی ویژن کے ذریعہ نشر کرنا , Chrism : مقدس تیل , Colonoscopy : کیمرے کی مدد سے بڑی آنت کی جانچ کا طریقہ کار , Ethnic Music : لوک موسیقی , Karachiites : کراچی کے لوگ , Ai : مصنوعی ذہانت , A Level : اعلی ثانوی مضمون , Action : واقعہ

Useful Words Definitions

Shooting: the act of firing a projectile.

Gun Carriage: a framework on which a gun is mounted for firing.

Fire: start firing a weapon.

Gun Trigger: lever that activates the firing mechanism of a gun.

Machine Gun: a rapidly firing automatic gun (often mounted).

Zero: adjust (as by firing under test conditions) the zero of (a gun).

Automatic Firearm: a firearm that reloads itself and keeps firing until the trigger is released.

Muffle: a kiln with an inner chamber for firing things at a low temperature.

Kiln: a furnace for firing or burning or drying such things as porcelain or bricks.

Semiautomatic: a pistol that is a semiautomatic firearm capable of loading and firing continuously.

Shooting Gallery: an enclosed firing range with targets for rifle or handgun practice.

Gatling: United States inventor of the first rapid firing gun (1818-1903).

Prime: insert a primer into (a gun, mine, or charge) preparatory to detonation or firing.

Ceramic: an artifact made of hard brittle material produced from nonmetallic minerals by firing at high temperatures.

Allay Munja Mar Wara: Allay munja mar wara" is a phrase in Sindhi language, which is spoken in the Sindh province of Pakistan. It is a traditional Sindhi folk song that is often sung during cultural events, weddings, and celebrations. The phrase itself does not have a specific meaning in English. It is a part of the Sindhi language and is typically used in the context of traditional music and cultural expressions.

Blitz: a swift and violent military offensive with intensive aerial bombardment.

Air Medal: a United States Air Force decoration for meritorious achievement while participating in an aerial flight.

Strangler: an epiphytic vine or tree whose aerial roots extend down the trunk of a supporting tree and coalesce around it eventually strangling the tree.

Armorer: a manufacturer of firearms.

Burst: rapid simultaneous discharge of firearms.

Salvo: an outburst resembling the discharge of firearms or the release of bombs.

Historicism: a theory that social and cultural events are determined by history.

Reprisal: reprisal refers to the act of retaliating against someone for a perceived wrong or injury. It often involves inflicting harm or damage in response to a previous harmful action or provocation.

Telecast: telecast refers to the broadcasting or transmission of a program or event via television. It involves sending audio and video signals over a distance to be received and viewed by an audience.

Chrism: Holy oil typically refers to an anointing oil used in religious rituals and ceremonies. It may be consecrated or blessed and holds symbolic significance in various religious traditions for spiritual purposes.

Colonoscopy: Colonoscopy is a visual inspection of the colon, utilizing a colonoscope, from the cecum to the rectum. This procedure typically involves the administration of sedation.

Ethnic Music: the traditional and typically anonymous music that is an expression of the life of people in a community.

Karachiites: Karachiites refers to the residents or inhabitants of Karachi, the largest city in Pakistan. Karachiites are the people who live in Karachi and are part of its diverse population, which includes individuals from various ethnic, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Ai: the branch of computer science (AI) refers to the development of computer systems and software that can perform tasks typically requiring human intelligence, such as problem-solving, learning, and decision-making.

A Level: A Level refers to an advanced level qualification typically taken by students in the United Kingdom and several other countries. It is considered a higher secondary education qualification and serves as a progression from the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) or equivalent.

Action: the series of events that form a plot.

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