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Affordable meaning in Urdu

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Affordable Definitions

1) Affordable, Low-Cost, Low-Priced : کم قیمت : (satellite adjective) that you have the financial means for.


Useful Words

Expensiveness : مہنگا پن , Protection : تحفظ , Means Test : امداد کے بارے میں تفتیش کرنا , Acquirer : خریدنے والا , At A Loss : گھاٹے میں , Boost : اضافہ , At All Costs : ہر قیمت پر , Knock Back : قیمت ہونا , Economy : بچت , Portage : بار برداری کا کرایہ , Precious : قیمتی , Pay : سزا بھگتنا , Scalper : فروخت کرنے والا , Pay : سزا بھگتنا , Amortisation : وقت گزرنے کے ساتھ اثاثے کی مالیت میں کمی , Ad Valorem Tax : اشیائے صرف کا محصول , Gross Profit : نفع , Cost Of Living : روٹی کپڑا اور مکان کا خرچہ , Term Insurance : میعادی بیمہ , Book Value : اساسے کی قدر , Afford : خریدنے کے قابل ہونا , Subvent : مالی مدد کی ضمانت دینا , Bread And Butter : روزی روٹی , Corporate Finance : مالیاتی تجارت , Financial : مالیاتی , Benefit : مالی مدد , Insolvency : دیوالیہ پن , Financially : مالیاتی حساب سے , Insurance Company : بیمہ کرنے والا , Default : عدم ادائیگی , Go Back : نقصان کے بعد دوبارہ بہتری ہونا

Useful Words Definitions

Expensiveness: the quality of being high-priced.

Protection: defense against financial failure; financial independence.

Means Test: an inquiry into the financial position of someone applying for financial aid.

Acquirer: a corporation gaining financial control over another corporation or financial institution through a payment in cash or an exchange of stock.

At A Loss: below cost.

Boost: an increase in cost.

At All Costs: regardless of the cost involved.

Knock Back: cost a certain amount.

Economy: an act of economizing; reduction in cost.

Portage: the cost of carrying or transporting.

Precious: of high worth or cost.

Pay: bear (a cost or penalty), in recompense for some action.

Scalper: someone who buys something and resells it at a price far above the initial cost.

Pay: bear (a cost or penalty), in recompense for some action.

Amortisation: the reduction of the value of an asset by prorating its cost over a period of years.

Ad Valorem Tax: a tax levied on the difference between a commodity`s price before taxes and its cost of production.

Gross Profit: (finance) the net sales minus the cost of goods and services sold.

Cost Of Living: average cost of basic necessities of life (as food and shelter and clothing).

Term Insurance: low-cost insurance that is valid only for a stated period of time and has no cash surrender value or loan value.

Book Value: the value at which an asset is carried on a balance sheet; equals cost minus accumulated depreciation.

Afford: have the financial means to do something or buy something.

Subvent: guarantee financial support of.

Bread And Butter: the financial means whereby one lives.

Corporate Finance: the financial activities of corporation.

Financial: involving financial matters.

Benefit: financial assistance in time of need.

Insolvency: the lack of financial resources.

Financially: from a financial point of view.

Insurance Company: a financial institution that sells insurance.

Default: act of failing to meet a financial obligation.

Go Back: regain a former condition after a financial loss.

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