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Africa meaning in Urdu

Africa Definitions

1) Africa : افریقہ : (noun) the 2nd biggest continent; located to the south of Europe and bordered to the west by the South Atlantic and to the east by the Indian Ocean.


Useful Words

Kansas : امریکی ریاست , Afghanistan : افغانستان , Bangla Desh : بنگلہ دیش , African Bowstring Hemp : افریقی چرس کا پودہ , South African : جنوبی افریقہ کا با شندہ , Afrocarpus Falcata : چوب ذرد , Acocanthera Oppositifolia : ایک سدا بہار بوٹی , South African : جنوبی افریقہ کا با شندہ , Zulu : جنوبی افریقہ کی ایک قوم , Hottentot : نمیبیا کی زبان , Africander : افریقی گائے , Afrikaans : جنوبی افریقہ کی سرکاری زبان , Afrikaans : افریقی , Adder's Fern : مار زبان ایک جنگلی پودا , Amazon : جنوبی امریکا میں واقعے ایک بڑا دریا , Acroclinium : سدا بہار جڑی بوٹی , Acocanthera Oblongifolia : گل یخ ژاپنی , Horsetail : سدا بہار جڑی بوٹی , Asia : براعظم ایشیا , Loire : فرانس کا دریا , Ghana : گھانا , Uae : متحدہ عرب امارات , Karachi University : جامعہ کراچی , Horn Of Africa : جزیرہ صومالیہ , Black : سیاہ فام , Gorilla : بڑا طاقتور افریقی بندر , Wadi : وادی , Arctium Minus : جنگلی بردوک پودا , Black-Winged Stilt : یورپی چھوٹا سارس , Europe : براعظم یورپ , Federal Republic Of Nigeria : نائیجیریا

Useful Words Definitions

Kansas: Kansas is a state located in the Midwestern region of the United States. It is bordered by Nebraska to the north, Missouri to the east, Oklahoma to the south, and Colorado to the west. The capital city of Kansas is Topeka, while the largest city is Wichita.

Afghanistan: a mountainous landlocked country in central Asia; bordered by Iran to the west and Russia to the north and Pakistan to the east and south.

Bangla Desh: a Muslim republic in southern Asia bordered by India to the north and west and east and the Bay of Bengal to the south; formerly part of India and then part of Pakistan; it achieved independence in 1971.

African Bowstring Hemp: bowstring hemp of South Africa.

South African: a native or inhabitant of South Africa.

Afrocarpus Falcata: medium-sized tree of South Africa.

Acocanthera Oppositifolia: evergreen shrub or tree of South Africa.

South African: of or pertaining to or characteristic of South Africa or its people.

Zulu: a community of Negroid people in eastern South Africa.

Hottentot: any of the Khoisan languages spoken by the pastoral people of Namibia and South Africa.

Africander: tall large-horned humped cattle of South Africa; used for meat or draft.

Afrikaans: an official language of the Republic of South Africa; closely related to Dutch and Flemish.

Afrikaans: belonging or relating to white people of South Africa whose ancestors were Dutch or to their language.

Adder's Fern: mat-forming lithophytic or terrestrial fern with creeping rootstocks and large pinnatifid fronds found throughout North America and Europe and Africa and east Asia.

Amazon: a major South American river; arises in the Andes and flows eastward into the South Atlantic; the world`s 2nd longest river (4000 miles).

Acroclinium: genus of herbs and shrubs of Australia and South Africa: everlasting flower; most species usually placed in genus Helipterum.

Acocanthera Oblongifolia: medium-sized shrubby tree of South Africa having thick leathery evergreen leaves and white or pink flowers and globose usually two-seeded purplish black fruits.

Horsetail: perennial rushlike flowerless herbs with jointed hollow stems and narrow toothlike leaves that spread by creeping rhizomes; tend to become weedy; common in northern hemisphere; some in Africa and South America.

Asia: the largest continent with 60% of the earth's population; it is joined to Europe on the west to form Eurasia; it is the site of some of the world's earliest civilizations.

Loire: the longest French river; rises in the Massif Central and flows north and west to the Atlantic Ocean.

Ghana: a republic in West Africa on the Gulf of Guinea.

Uae: west Asian country United Arab Emirates located in the Middle East.

Karachi University: Pakistan`s biggest university located in Karachi.

Horn Of Africa: a peninsula of northeastern Africa (the easternmost part of Africa) comprising Somalia and Djibouti and Eritrea and parts of Ethiopia.

Black: a person with dark skin who comes from Africa (or whose ancestors came from Africa).

Gorilla: largest anthropoid ape; terrestrial and vegetarian; of forests of central west Africa.

Wadi: gully or streambed in northern Africa and the Middle East that remains dry except during rainy season.

Arctium Minus: a plant that is ubiquitous in all but very acid soil; found in most of Europe and North Africa.

Black-Winged Stilt: stilt of Europe and Africa and Asia having mostly white plumage but with black wings.

Europe: the 2nd smallest continent (actually a vast peninsula of Eurasia); the British use `Europe` to refer to all of the continent except the British Isles.

Federal Republic Of Nigeria: a republic in West Africa on the Gulf of Guinea; gained independence from Britain in 1960; most populous African country.

Related Words

Campaign : شکار وغیرہ کے لیے سفر , African Country : افریقی ملک

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