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Region meaning in Urdu

Region Sentences

The farming regions of France.
Penguins inhabit the polar regions.

Region Synonym

Region Definitions

1 of 2) Region, Part : علاقہ, خطہ : (noun) the extended spatial location of something.

Regions of outer space.


2 of 2) Region : علاقہ : (noun) a large indefinite location on the surface of the Earth.

Useful Words

North : شمالی جگہ , West : مغرب , South : جنوب , East : مشرق کی طرف , Weather Chart : موسمیاتی نقشہ , Side : طرف , Civil Time : معیاری وقت , Heartland : اہم علاقہ , Medulla Spinalis : ریڑھ کی ہڈی , Aba Transit Number : بینک کا کوڈ , Exterior : باہر کی طرف , Regional : علاقائی , Inside : اندر , Inland : اندرونی , Air : ہوا میں , Aborad : منہ سے دور , Brink : کنارا , Champagne : فرانس کا شمال مشرقی علاقہ , Aspect : نظارہ , Locality : محلہ , Battlefield : لڑائی کا میدان , Vacuity : خالی , Azonic : غیر خطی , Coalfield : وہ جگہ جہاں کوئلے کے ذخائر ہوں , Avifauna : خاص وقت اور خطے کے پرندے , Terra Incognita : نامعلوم , Southland : کسی ملک کا جنوبی حصہ , Gastronomy : کھانا پکانے کا انداز , Flatfoot : گشت کا سپاہی , Endemic : مقامی , Minefield : بارودی سرنگوں سے بھرا علاقہ

Useful Words Definitions

North: a location in the northern part of a country, region, or city.

West: a location in the western part of a country, region, or city.

South: a location in the southern part of a country, region, or city.

East: a location in the eastern part of a country, region, or city.

Weather Chart: (meteorology) a map showing the principal meteorological elements at a given time and over an extended region.

Side: a place within a region identified relative to a center or reference location.

Civil Time: the official time in a local region (adjusted for location around the Earth); established by law or custom.

Heartland: the central region of a country or continent; especially a region that is important to a country or to a culture.

Medulla Spinalis: a major part of the central nervous system which conducts sensory and motor nerve impulses to and from the brain; a long tubelike structure extending from the base of the brain through the vertebral canal to the upper lumbar region.

Aba Transit Number: an identification number consisting of a two-part code assigned to banks and savings associations; the first part shows the location and the second identifies the bank itself.

Exterior: the region that is outside of something.

Regional: characteristic of a region.

Inside: the region that is inside of something.

Inland: towards or into the interior of a region.

Air: the region above the ground.

Aborad: away from the mouth or oral region.

Brink: a region marking a boundary.

Champagne: a region of northeastern France.

Aspect: the visual percept of a region.

Locality: a surrounding or nearby region.

Battlefield: a region where a battle is being (or has been) fought.

Vacuity: a region that is devoid of matter.

Azonic: not restricted to any particular zone or region.

Coalfield: a region where there is coal underground.

Avifauna: the birds of a particular region or period.

Terra Incognita: an unknown and unexplored region.

Southland: any region lying in or toward the south.

Gastronomy: a particular style of cookery (as of a region).

Flatfoot: a policeman who patrols a given region.

Endemic: native to or confined to a certain region.

Minefield: a region in which explosives mines have been placed.

Related Words

Area : علاقہ , Air : فضا , Biosphere : حیاتی کرہ , Deep Space : نظام شمسی کی حدود سے پرے واقع فضا , Aerospace : زمین کا کرہ ہوائی , Backwater : جمود , Field : وہ جگہ جہاں فوجی اپریشن ہورہے ہوں , District : ضلع , Demesne : علاقہ , Old World : پرانی دنیا

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