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Airdrop meaning in Urdu

Airdrop Sentence

Until then, front line troops will be supplied by airdrop.

Airdrop Definitions

1) Airdrop : ہوا سے سامان فراہم کرنا : (noun) delivery of supplies or equipment or personnel by dropping them by parachute from an aircraft.


Useful Words

Parachute Jumper : پیراشوٹ کے ساتھ جہاز سے کودنے والا , Airbrake : طیارہ کا پیراشوٹ , Station : جگہ , Commissary : خوردہ فروشی کی دکان جہاں سازوسامان فروخت ہوتا ہے جیسے فوجی سازوسامان , Equipage : فوجی سامان , Black Box : ہوائی جہاز میں پرواز کا ریکارڈ رکھنے والہ ڈبا , Air Cover : فضائی تحفظ , Fumble : کھیل میں بال چھوڑنا , Bombardment : بمباری , Plop : غڑاپ سے گرنے کی آواز , Jump : چھلانگ , Paratroops : چھاتہ بردار فوج , Sky Dive : فضائی کرتب کرنا , Skydiving : فضائی کرتب , Grocery Boy : سودا لانے والا لڑکا , Letter Box : ڈاک کا خاص ڈبہ , Capsule : طیارے کی نشست جو بچاوٴ کے لئے استعمال کی جاتی ہے , Filmdom : فلمی صنعت میں کام کرنے والا عملہ , Breech Birth : الٹی پیدائش , Night Letter : شبینہ تار , Consignment : حوالگی , Deliver : بھیجنا , Regiment : پلٹن بنانا , Company : فنکاروں کا گروہ , Ration : راشن , Muster : فوجی دستوں کا ایک جگہ جمع ہونا , Terminal : آخری نشان , Accoucheuse : بچے کی پیدائش پر مدد کرنے والی عورت , Version : پیٹ میں بچے کا رخ پھیرنا , Recruiter : بھرتی کرنے والا , Billet : فوجی کے لیے نجی قیام گاہ

Useful Words Definitions

Parachute Jumper: a person who jumps from aircraft using a parachute.

Airbrake: a small parachute or articulated flap to reduce the speed of an aircraft.

Station: a facility equipped with special equipment and personnel for a particular purpose.

Commissary: a retail store that sells equipment and provisions (usually to military personnel).

Equipage: equipment and supplies of a military force.

Black Box: equipment that records information about the performance of an aircraft during flight.

Air Cover: the use of military aircraft to provide protection against attack by enemy aircraft during ground or naval operations.

Fumble: (sports) dropping the ball.

Bombardment: an attack by dropping bombs.

Plop: the noise of a rounded object dropping into a liquid without a splash.

Jump: descent with a parachute.

Paratroops: infantry trained and equipped to parachute.

Sky Dive: jump from an airplane and perform various maneuvers before opening one's parachute.

Skydiving: performing acrobatics in free fall before pulling the ripcord of a parachute.

Grocery Boy: a delivery boy for groceries.

Letter Box: a private box for delivery of mail.

Capsule: a pilot's seat in an airplane that can be forcibly ejected in the case of an emergency; then the pilot descends by parachute.

Filmdom: the personnel of the film industry.

Breech Birth: delivery of an infant whose feet or buttocks appear first.

Night Letter: a cheaper form of telegram sent for delivery the next day.

Consignment: the delivery of goods for sale or disposal.

Deliver: bring to a destination, make a delivery.

Regiment: form (military personnel) into a regiment.

Company: organization of performers and associated personnel (especially theatrical).

Ration: the food allowance for one day (especially for service personnel).

Muster: a gathering of military personnel for duty.

Terminal: of or relating to or situated at the ends of a delivery route.

Accoucheuse: a woman skilled in aiding the delivery of babies.

Version: manual turning of a fetus in the uterus (usually to aid delivery).

Recruiter: an official who enlists personnel for military service.

Billet: lodging for military personnel (especially in a private home).

Related Words

Bringing : دینا

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