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Tashheer : تَشہِیر

1. Circularisation, Circularization : تشہیر : (noun) circulating printed notices as a means of advertising.

2. Announcement, Promulgation : منادی - اشاعت - تشہیر : (noun) a public statement containing information about an event that has happened or is going to happen.

3. Packaging, Promotion, Promotional Material, Publicity : تشہیر - مشہوری : (noun) a message issued in behalf of some product or cause or idea or person or institution.

4. Ad, Advert, Advertisement, Advertising, Advertizement, Advertizing : تشہیر - اشتہار : (noun) a public promotion of some product or service.

5. Bill, Broadsheet, Broadside, Circular, Flier, Flyer, Handbill, Throwaway : تشہیر - اشتہار - دستی اشتہار : (noun) an advertisement (usually printed on a page or in a leaflet) intended for wide distribution.

6. Ill Fame, Notoriety : بدنامی - تشہیر : (noun) the state of being known for some unfavorable act or quality.

7. Marketing : تشہیر - بازار کاری : (noun) the commercial processes involved in promoting and selling and distributing a product or service.

Tawaja : Notice : the act of noticing or paying attention. "He escaped the notice of the police"

Dheyan : Notice : polite or favorable attention. "His hard work soon attracted the teacher's notice"

Ettela Naamae : Notice : an announcement containing information about an event. "You didn't give me enough notice"

Ishtehaar, Elaan Naamae : Notice : a sign posted in a public place as an advertisement. "A poster advertised the coming attractions"

Tashheer, Ishtehaar : Advertising : a public promotion of some product or service.

Chahana, Irada Rakhna : Mean : have in mind as a purpose. "Intent to keep fast"