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1) Airwoman, Aviatress, Aviatrix : ہوا باز خاتون, پائلٹ عورت, ہوا باز خاتون : (noun) a woman aviator.

Related : Flyer : someone who operates an aircraft.

Useful Words

Howard Hughes, Howard Robard Hughes, Hughes : امریکی صنعتکار : United States industrialist who was an aviator and a film producer; during the last years of his life he was a total recluse (1905-1976).

Courting, Courtship, Suit, Wooing : محبت : a man's courting of a woman; seeking the affections of a woman (usually with the hope of marriage). "Its was a brief and intense courtship".

Feminine, Womanly : عورتوں کا : befitting or characteristic of a woman especially a mature woman. "Womanly virtues of gentleness and compassion".

Divorcee, Grass Widow : مطلقہ : a divorced woman or a woman who is separated from her husband. "My friend married a divorcee".

Old Woman : بوڑھی عورت : a woman who is old.

Granny : بوڑھی عورت : an old woman.

Jewess : یہودی عورت : a woman who is a Jew.

Ex, Ex-Wife : سابقہ بیوی : a woman who was formerly a particular man`s wife. "All his exes live in Texas".

Dulcinea, Ladylove : محبوبہ : a woman who is a man`s sweetheart. "He is chatting with his ladylove".

Fille, Girl, Miss, Missy, Young Lady, Young Woman : لڑکی : a young woman. "Hey missy you`re so fine".

Ex, Ex-Husband : سابقہ شوہر : a man who was formerly a certain woman's husband.

Beggarwoman : فقیرنی : a woman who is a beggar. "The beggarwoman was still running behind them".

Suer, Suitor, Wooer : لڑکی پٹانے والا : a man who courts a woman. "A suer for the hand of the princess".

Adulteress, Fornicatress, Hussy, Jade, Loose Woman, Slut, Strumpet, Trollop : زانیہ : a woman adulterer. "She is a very fame adulteress of France".

Postmistress : کسی ڈاکخانہ کی عورت افسر : a woman postmaster.

Sculptress : خاتون مجسمہ ساز : a woman sculptor.

Vestal : پاک دامن عورت : a chaste woman.

Dame, Gentlewoman, Lady, Ma'am, Madam : اعلی خاتون : a woman of refinement. "A chauffeur opened the door of the limousine for the grand lady".

Authoress : مصنفہ : a woman author.

Lady : بی بی : a polite name for any woman. "Who is that lady?".

Headmistress : اسکول کی ناظمہ : a woman headmaster. "The new headmistress is very kind".

Shepherdess : رکہوالی کرنے والی : a woman shepherd.

Wardress : قیدیوں کی عورت نگران : a woman warder.

Proprietress : حقیت دار عورت : a woman proprietor.

Duenna : محافظ استانی : a woman chaperon.

Millionairess : دس لاکھ سے زیادہ دولت کی مالک : a woman millionaire.

Fancy Man, Paramour : آشنا : a woman`s lover. "The woman and her paramour".

Gravida : حاملہ عورت : a pregnant woman.

Prophetess : نبیہ : a woman prophet.

Bust, Female Chest : چھاتی : the chest of a woman.

She-Devil : ظالم عورت : a cruel woman.