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اعزاز : Aizaz Meaning in English

Aizaz Sentence

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Aizaz in Detail

1 of 4) Citation : اعزاز : (noun) an official award (as for bravery or service) usually given as formal public statement.

English Synonym(s) : Commendation

Related : Laurels : a tangible symbol signifying approval or distinction.


2 of 4) Blue Ribbon : اعزاز : (noun) an honor or award gained for excellence.

English Synonym(s) : Cordon Bleu

3 of 4) Championship : اعزاز : (noun) the status of being a champion.

English Synonym(s) : Title

Related : High Status : a position of superior status.

4 of 4) Honor : اعزاز : (noun) the state of being honored.

English Synonym(s) : Honour Laurels

Related : Glory : a state of high honor. Renown : the state or quality of being widely honored and acclaimed. Respect : the condition of being honored (esteemed or respected or well regarded).

Useful Words

عطا : Award, Awarding : a grant made by a law court. "Big award by the goverment"

نوکری : Service : work done by one person or group that benefits another. "Budget separately for goods and services"

ملازمت : Service : employment in or work for another. "He retired after 30 years of service"

خدمت گزاری کا عمل : Service : an act of help or assistance. "Any service for me?"

ہمت : Braveness, Bravery, Courage, Courageousness : a quality of spirit that enables you to face danger or pain without showing fear. "If you want to be recruited in a special security unit, you will have to show your courage"

فائدہ : Avail, Help, Service : a means of serving. "Of no avail"

خون کا گروپ اے : A, Group A, Type A : the blood group whose red cells carry the A antigen.

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