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Ancestor meaning in Urdu

Ancestor Sentence

The people of earlier times adopted the ways of worshipping as their ancestors used to do and then inflicted torment on themselves.

Ancestor Synonyms

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Ancestor in Detail

1) Ancestor, Antecedent, Ascendant, Ascendent, Root : جد امجد, دادا پردادا, آباواجداد : (noun) someone from whom you are descended (but usually more remote than a grandparent).

Related : Ancestress : a woman ancestor. Sire : the founder of a family. Relative : a person related by blood or marriage.

Useful Words

Patronym, Patronymic : آبائی لقب : a family name derived from name of your father or a paternal ancestor (especially with an affix (such as -son in English or O'- in Irish) added to the name of your father or a paternal ancestor).

Great Grandfather : پر دادا : a father of your grandparent.

Family, Family Line, Folk, Kinfolk, Kinsfolk, Phratry, Sept : قریبی رشتے دار : people descended from a common ancestor. "His family has lived in Massachusetts since the Mayflower".

Collateral, Indirect : نسلی : descended from a common ancestor but through different lines. "We are collateral relatives".

Descendant, Descendent : کسی نسل کا فرد : a person considered as descended from some ancestor or race.

Fatherhood, Paternity : والدیت : the kinship relation between an offspring and the father.

Presuppose, Suppose : لازمی ہونا : require as a necessary antecedent or precondition. "This step presupposes two prior ones".

Reaction, Response : رد عمل : a bodily process occurring due to the effect of some antecedent stimulus or agent. "A bad reaction to the medicine".

Ancestress : دادی پر دادی : a woman ancestor.

Gramps, Grandad, Granddad, Granddaddy, Grandfather, Grandpa : نانا : the father of your father or mother. "He goes for a morning walk with his grandfather".

Ancestral : مورثی : of or belonging to or inherited from an ancestor.

Human Relationship, Relationship : تعلق : a relation between people; (`relationship` is often used where `relation` would serve, as in `the relationship between inflation and unemployment`, but the preferred usage of `relationship` is for human relations or states of relatedness). "I am not just spending time with you, I want to be in a relationship with you".

Copt : قبط : an Egyptian descended from the ancient Egyptians.

Matronymic, Metronymic : ماں کی طرح : a name derived from the name of your mother or a maternal ancestor.

Determinism : جبریت : (philosophy) a philosophical theory holding that all events are inevitable consequences of antecedent sufficient causes; often understood as denying the possibility of free will.

Blood Relation, Blood Relative, Cognate, Sib : خونی رشتہ داری : one related by blood or origin; especially on sharing an ancestor with another.

Heir Apparent : یقینی وارث : an heir whose right to an inheritance cannot be defeated if that person outlives the ancestor.

Domestic Fowl, Fowl, Poultry : پرندہ : a domesticated gallinaceous bird thought to be descended from the red jungle fowl.

Domestic Ass, Donkey, Equus Asinus : گدھا : domestic beast of burden descended from the African wild ass; patient but stubborn. "Donkey ride in the rain".

Anas Platyrhynchos, Mallard : جنگلی بطخ : wild dabbling duck from which domestic ducks are descended; widely distributed.

Aloof, Distant, Upstage : الگ : remote in manner. "Stood apart with aloof dignity".

Remotely : دور سے : in a remote manner. "When the measured speech of the chorus passes over into song the tones are, remotely but unmistakably, those taught by the orthodox liturgy".

Far : بعید : remote in time. "If we could see far into the future".

Back Country, Backwoods, Boondocks, Hinterland : اندرونی پسماندہ علاقہ : a remote and undeveloped area. "He comes from hinterland".

Ulterior : غیر متعلق : beyond or outside an area of immediate interest; remote. "A suggestion ulterior to the present discussion".

Mustang : جنگلی گہوڑا : small hardy range horse of the western plains descended from horses brought by the Spanish. "Mustang horse speed is about 30 mph".

Apart, Isolated, Obscure : الگ : remote and separate physically or socially. "Existed over the centuries as a world apart".

Canis Familiaris, Dog, Domestic Dog : کتا : a member of the genus Canis (probably descended from the common wolf) that has been domesticated by man since prehistoric times; occurs in many breeds. "Barking dogs seldom bite".

Godforsaken, Waste, Wild : ویران : located in a dismal or remote area; desolate. "He went to a waste place".

Farthermost, Farthest, Furthermost, Furthest, Utmost, Uttermost : دور : (comparatives of `far`) most remote in space or time or order. "Had traveled to the farthest frontier".

Drone, Pilotless Aircraft, Radio-Controlled Aircraft : بغیر پائلٹ کا ہوائی جہاز : an aircraft without a pilot that is operated by remote control. "US drone fired missiles in Waziristan".

Ancestor in Book Titles

The ancestor: a novel depicting life in rural society.
Daughters of the Republic of Texas Patriot Ancestor Album.

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