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1. Anguish, Torment, Torture : ذہنی اذیت - کوفت : (Noun) Extreme mental distress.

Why have you begun to torture me?

Distress, Hurt, Suffering - psychological suffering.

2. Anguish : شدید درد : (Verb) Suffer great pains or distress.

3. Anguish : شدید بے چینی - کوفت : (Noun) Extreme distress of body or mind.

4. Anguish, Hurt, Pain : افسوس کا باعث ہونا : (Verb) Cause emotional anguish or make miserable.

It pains me to see my children not being taught well in school.

Discomfit, Discompose, Disconcert, Untune, Upset - cause to lose one's composure.

Distress, Hurt, Suffering - رنج - psychological suffering; "The death of his wife caused him great distress".

Extreme - انتہاء - the furthest or highest degree of something; "he carried it to extremes".

Great - بڑا - a person who has achieved distinction and honor in some field; "he is one of the greats of American music".

Mental - پاگل - affected by a disorder of the mind; "a mental patient".

Annoyance, Bother, Botheration, Infliction, Pain, Pain In The Ass, Pain In The Neck - زحمت - something or someone that causes trouble; a source of unhappiness; "washing dishes was a nuisance before we got a dish washer".

Get, Have, Suffer, Sustain - متاثر ہونا - undergo (as of injuries and illnesses); "She suffered a fracture in the accident".

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