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Applaudable meaning in Urdu

Applaudable Sentence

Applaudable efforts to save the environment.

Applaudable Synonyms


Applaudable Definitions

1) Applaudable, Commendable, Laudable, Praiseworthy : قابل تعریف, قابل تحسین : (satellite adjective) worthy of high praise.

Useful Words

Laudability : تعریف کے لائق , Extoller : ثنا خواں , Constructive : تعمیری , Approve : صاد کرنا , Honorable Discharge : باعزت رخصتی , Hosanna : حمد و ثنا , Gush : تعریف کرنا , Compliment : تعریف کرنا , Blandish : چاپلوسی کرنا , Vaunt : ڈینگیں مارنا , Hymn : حمد پڑھنا , Encomium : حمد و ثنا , Meritable : قابل مستحق , Encomiastic : خوشامدانہ , Exalt : تعریف کرنا , Outshine : دوسروں سے زیادہ توجہ حاصل کرنا , Eulogise : ستائش کرنا , Flattery : چکنی چپڑی باتیں , Superlative : مبالغہ , Hallelujah : تمام تعریف اللہ کے لیے ہے , Troll : گا کر تعریف کرنا , Psalm : مقدس گیت , Affirmative : اقراری , Anthem : حمد , Compliment : تعریف , Eulogium : قصیدہ , Adulation : چاپلوسی , Adoxography : معمولی چیزوں کی تعریف , Dependable : کھرا , Notable : قابل قدر , Deserve : مستحق ہونا

Useful Words Definitions

Laudability: the quality of being worthy of praise.

Extoller: someone who communicates high praise.

Constructive: emphasizing what is laudable or hopeful or to the good.

Approve: judge to be right or commendable; think well of.

Honorable Discharge: a discharge from the armed forces with a commendable record.

Hosanna: a cry of praise or adoration (to God).

Gush: praise enthusiastically.

Compliment: say something to someone that expresses praise.

Blandish: praise somewhat dishonestly.

Vaunt: extravagant self-praise.

Hymn: praise by singing a hymn.

Encomium: a formal expression of praise.

Meritable: deserving reward or praise.

Encomiastic: formally expressing praise.

Exalt: praise, glorify, or honor.

Outshine: attract more attention and praise than others.

Eulogise: praise formally and eloquently.

Flattery: excessive or insincere praise.

Superlative: an exaggerated expression (usually of praise).

Hallelujah: a shout or song of praise to God.

Troll: praise or celebrate in song.

Psalm: any sacred song used to praise the deity.

Affirmative: expressing or manifesting praise or approval.

Anthem: a song of praise (to God or to a saint or to a nation).

Compliment: a remark (or act) expressing praise and admiration.

Eulogium: a formal expression of praise for someone who has died recently.

Adulation: servile flattery; exaggerated and hypocritical praise.

Adoxography: fine writing in praise of trivial or base subjects.

Dependable: worthy of being depended on.

Notable: worthy of notice.

Deserve: be worthy or deserving.

Related Words

Worthy : قابل قدر