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تَعریف : Tareef Meaning in English

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1 of 4) تعریف : Admiration Esteem : (noun) a feeling of delighted approval and liking.

Related : Liking : a feeling of pleasure and enjoyment. Hero Worship : admiration for great men (or their memory). Philogyny : admiration for women.


2 of 4) تعریف : Compliment : (noun) a remark (or act) expressing praise and admiration.

Related : Praise : an expression of approval and commendation. Flattery : excessive or insincere praise.

3 of 4) وضاحت تعریف : Definition : (noun) a concise explanation of the meaning of a word or phrase or symbol.

Related : Explanation : a statement that makes something comprehensible by describing the relevant structure or operation or circumstances etc.. Redefinition : the act of giving a new definition.

4 of 4) تعریف : Approval Commendation : (noun) a message expressing a favorable opinion.

Related : Approbation : official recognition or approval. Warrant : formal and explicit approval. Recognition : approval.

Useful Words

حیرت : Admiration, Wonder, Wonderment : the feeling aroused by something strange and surprising. "You have done so much wrong to the people that is why you have been attacked by a stroke and no wonder Allah put you in this condition".

تسکین کی آواز : Aah, Ooh : express admiration and pleasure by uttering `ooh` or `aah`. "They oohed and aahed when they unwrapped the presents".

قابل تعریف : Admirable : deserving of the highest esteem or admiration. "Citizen complaint portal is admirable".

احترام کرنا : Admire, Look Up To : feel admiration for. "Dad you have misunderstood me, I admire you".

تعریف شدہ : Admired : regarded with admiration.

ستائشی انداز سے : Admiringly : with admiration. "He looked at his wife admiringly".

تعظیم : Adoration, Worship : a feeling of profound love and admiration. "Adoration of self".

زبردست : Amazing, Awe-Inspiring, Awesome, Awful, Awing : inspiring awe or admiration or wonder. "An awesome painting".

تعجب : Awe : an overwhelming feeling of wonder or admiration. "He stared over the edge with a feeling of awe".

خوبصورت : Beautiful : delighting the senses or exciting intellectual or emotional admiration. "You are not that beautiful".

توجہ کا مرکز : Cynosure : something that strongly attracts attention and admiration. "If he was the cynosure of all eyes he didn't notice".

حسد : Enviousness, Envy : a feeling of grudging admiration and desire to have something that is possessed by another. "Envy is a disease of heart".

ادب : Esteem, Regard, Respect : an attitude of admiration or esteem. "She lost all respect for him".

شخصیت پرستی : Hero Worship : admiration for great men (or their memory). "Ignorants do hero worship".

حماقت : Infatuation : a foolish and usually extravagant passion or love or admiration.

حیران شخص : Marveller, Wonderer : someone filled with admiration and awe; someone who wonders at something.

اپنے آپ سے محبت : Narcism, Narcissism, Self-Love : an exceptional interest in and admiration for yourself. "He has too much self-love problem".

زن پسندی : Philogyny : admiration for women.

غیر معمولی ذہانت والا نوجوان : Prodigy : an unusually gifted or intelligent (young) person; someone whose talents excite wonder and admiration. "She is a chess prodigy".

رغبت : Affection, Affectionateness, Fondness, Heart, Philia, Tenderness, Warmheartedness, Warmness : a positive feeling of liking. "He had trouble expressing the affection he felt".

پسندیدگی : Approval : a feeling of liking something or someone good. "Although she fussed at them, she secretly viewed all her children with approval".

عشق : Captivation, Enchantment, Enthrallment, Fascination : a feeling of great liking for something wonderful and unusual.

دوستانہ : Friendliness : a feeling of liking for another person; enjoyment in their company.

عدم اتفاق : Disagreeable : not to your liking. "A disagreeable situation".

رجحان : Penchant, Predilection, Preference, Taste : a strong liking. "My own preference is for good literature".

پسند کرنا : Love : have a great affection or liking for. "I love French food".

شوقین : Fond, Partial : (followed by `of` or `to`) having a strong preference or liking for. "She is fond of tea".

جوشیلا : Enthusiast, Fancier : a person having a strong liking for something.

چاہنا : Fancy, Go For, Take To : have a fancy or particular liking or desire for. "She fancied a necklace that she had seen in the jeweler's window".

رجحان : Inclination : that toward which you are inclined to feel a liking. "Her inclination is for classical music".

موزوں : Agreeable : conforming to your own liking or feelings or nature. "Is the plan agreeable to you?".

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