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Appreciativeness meaning in Urdu

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Useful Words

Cordial : گرم جوش کے ساتھ , Warm : گرم جوشی , Cozy : دوستانہ , Tenderheartedness : رحم دلی , Gratitude : شکر , Appreciation : تحسین , Ingratitude : ناشکرا پن , Thankless : ناشکرا , Ingrate : نمک حرام , Grateful : احسان مند , Acknowledge : شکریہ ادا کرنا , Appreciate : داد دینا , Thank You : آپ کا شکریہ , Give Thanks : شکریہ ادا کرنا , Indebted : احسان مند , Inimical : نامہربان , Salute : سلامتی بھیجنا , Ally : اتحادی قوم , Chum Up : دوست بننا , Warm Up : دوستانہ ہونا , Sociable : ملنسار , Accessible : قابل پہنچ , Expansive : بات چیت , Comradely : دوستانہ , Social : گھلنے ملنے والا , Good-Neighborliness : ہمسائگی , Chatty : بے تکلفانہ گفتگو , Boy : لڑکا , Hostile : باغی , Unneighborly : غیر دوستانہ , Affability : کشادہ دلی

Useful Words Definitions

Cordial: politely warm and friendly.

Warm: psychologically warm; friendly and responsive.

Cozy: having or fostering a warm or friendly and informal atmosphere.

Tenderheartedness: warm compassionate feelings.

Gratitude: a feeling of thankfulness and appreciation.

Appreciation: an expression of gratitude.

Ingratitude: a lack of gratitude.

Thankless: not feeling or showing gratitude.

Ingrate: a person who shows no gratitude.

Grateful: feeling or showing gratitude.

Acknowledge: express obligation, thanks, or gratitude for.

Appreciate: recognize with gratitude; be grateful for.

Thank You: a conversational expression of gratitude.

Give Thanks: express gratitude or show appreciation to.

Indebted: owing gratitude or recognition to another for help or favors etc.

Inimical: not friendly.

Salute: greet in a friendly way.

Ally: a friendly nation.

Chum Up: become friends; act friendly towards.

Warm Up: become more friendly or open.

Sociable: friendly and pleasant.

Accessible: easy to get along with or talk to; friendly.

Expansive: friendly and open and willing to talk.

Comradely: heartily friendly and congenial.

Social: marked by friendly companionship with others.

Good-Neighborliness: a disposition to be friendly and helpful to neighbors.

Chatty: prone to friendly informal communication.

Boy: a friendly informal reference to a grown man.

Hostile: impossible to bring into friendly accord.

Unneighborly: not exhibiting the qualities expected in a friendly neighbor.

Affability: a disposition to be friendly and approachable (easy to talk to).