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Archimandrite meaning in Urdu

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1) Archimandrite, Abbot : عیسائی راہبوں کا سربراہ, اعلی درجے کا راہب : (noun) the chief of monks.

Related : Abbe : a French abbot.

Useful Words

Abbe : فرانس کا پادری یا راہب : a French abbot.

Abbey : خانقاہ : a monastery ruled by an abbot.

Abbacy : عیسائی راہب یا راہبہ کا عہدہ یا دفتر : the jurisdiction or office of an abbot.

Abbatial : رابب یا راببہ سے متعلق : of or having to do with or belonging to an abbey or abbot, or abbess.

Sachem, Sagamore : قبائلی سردار : a chief of a North American tribe or confederation (especially an Algonquian chief).

Cistercian, Trappist : خاموش راہب : member of an order of monks noted for austerity and a vow of silence.

Joint Resolution : مشترکہ قرار داد : a resolution passed by both houses of Congress which becomes legally binding when signed by the Chief Executive (or passed over the Chief Executive's veto).

Sea King : قزاقوں کا بادشاہ : a Viking pirate chief.

Attorney General : مختار اعلی : the chief law officer of a country or state.

Warden : جیلر : the chief official in charge of a prison.

Pipe Major : کسی بین باجے کی جماعت کا کوچ لیڈر : the chief piper in a band of bagpipes.

Pendragon : قدیم برطانوی شہزادہ : the supreme war chief of the ancient Britons.

Monogynic, Monogynous : ایک وقت میں ایک بیوی رکھنے والا : having one head or chief wife at a time (along with concubines).

Advisory Board, Planning Board : مشاورتی کمیٹی : a board appointed to advise the chief administrator.

Mainmast : جہاز کا مرکزی مستول : the chief mast of a sailing vessel with two or more masts.

Adjutant General : اعلی انتظامی افسر : a general's adjutant; chief administrative officer.

Cassiterite : قلعی پتھر : a hard heavy dark mineral that is the chief source of tin.

Chief Of State, Head Of State : صدر مملکت : the chief public representative of a country who may also be the head of government. "Head of state is a rubber stamp".

Ahura Mazda, Ormazd, Ormuzd : اچھائی کا دیوتا : chief deity of Zoroastrianism; source of light and embodiment of good.

Aesir : دیوتا : (Norse mythology) the chief race of gods living at Asgard.

Neutrophil, Neutrophile : کئی شکلی مرکزائی لیوکوسائیٹ کی ایک قسم : the chief phagocytic leukocyte; stains with either basic or acid dyes. "Neutrophil function".

Port Louis : موریشیس کا دارالحکومت اور ایک اہم بندرگاہ : capital and chief port of Mauritius; located on the northwestern coast of the island. "Port louis is the main port of mauritius".

High Command, Supreme Headquarters : اعلی قیادت : the highest leaders in an organization (e.g. the commander-in-chief and senior officers of the military). "High command meeting is underway".

Beryl : فیروزہ : the chief source of beryllium; colored transparent varieties are valued as gems.

Agni : ہندو آگ کا دیوتا : (Sanskrit) Hindu god of fire in ancient and traditional India; one of the three chief deities of the Vedas.

Cinnabar : شنگرف : a heavy reddish mineral consisting of mercuric sulfide; the chief source of mercury.

Rio, Rio De Janeiro : برازیل کا سابقہ دارالحکومت : the former capital and 2nd largest city of Brazil; chief Brazilian port; famous as a tourist attraction.

Ref, Referee : ریفری : (sports) the chief official (as in boxing or American football) who is expected to ensure fair play. "A player talking to referee".

Heinrich Himmler, Himmler : جرمن نازی ہملر : German Nazi who was chief of the SS and the Gestapo and who oversaw the genocide of six million Jews (1900-1945).

Common Grape Vine, Vinifera, Vinifera Grape, Vitis Vinifera : مختلف رنگوں کے یورپی انگور : common European grape cultivated in many varieties; chief source of Old World wine and table grapes.

Beelzebub, Devil, Lucifer, Old Nick, Prince Of Darkness, Satan, The Tempter : ابلیس : (Judeo-Christian and Islamic religions) chief spirit of evil and adversary of God; tempter of mankind; master of Hell. "Think of the devil and the devil is here".