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1) Arrested Development, Fixation, Infantile Fixation, Regression : وقت سے پہلے نشو نما کا رک جانا : (noun) an abnormal state in which development has stopped prematurely.

Related : Abnormality : an abnormal physical condition resulting from defective genes or developmental deficiencies.

Useful Words

Advanced Research And Development Activity, Arda : اعلی تحقیق کا ادارہ : an agency of the Intelligence Community that conducts advanced research and development related to information technology.

Department Of Housing And Urban Development, Housing And Urban Development, Hud : شہری ترقی کا ادارہ : the United States federal department that administers federal programs dealing with better housing and urban renewal; created in 1965.

Development, Evolution : تشکیل : a process in which something passes by degrees to a different stage (especially a more advanced or mature stage). "China has helped a lot in the development of Pakistan so Pakistan has reached this point".

Housing Development : رہائشی بستی : a residential area of similar dwellings built by property developers and usually under a single management. "They live in the new housing development".

Ribbon Development : علاقے کی سابقہ منصوبہ بندی کے بغیر کسی شاہراہ کے کنارے بنی ہوی عمارت : building complex in a continuous row along a road.

Arthrodesis : آپریشن کے ذریعے جوڑ کا علاج : the surgical fixation of a joint which is intended to result in bone fusion.

Matureness, Maturity : پختگی : state of being mature; full development.

Adolescent : بالغ ہونے والا : in the state of development between puberty and maturity. "Adolescent boys and girls".

Agitation, Ferment, Fermentation, Tempestuousness, Unrest : خلفشار : a state of agitation or turbulent change or development. "The political ferment produced new leadership".

Civilised, Civilized : مہذب : having a high state of culture and development both social and technological. "Terrorist acts that shocked the civilized world".

Civilisation, Civilization : تمدن : a society in an advanced state of social development (e.g., with complex legal and political and religious organizations). "The people slowly progressed from barbarism to civilization".

Wasserman Reaction, Wassermann, Wassermann Test : واسرامن ٹیسٹ : a blood test to detect syphilis; a complement fixation test is used to detect antibodies to the syphilis organism treponema; a positive reaction indicates the presence of antibodies and therefore syphilis infection.

Germinal, Originative, Seminal : بیج سے متعلق : containing seeds of later development. "Seminal ideas of one discipline can influence the growth of another".

Pity, Shame : بد قسمتی : an unfortunate development. "It`s a pity she couldn`t do it".

Spermatogenesis : منی کی اساس و نمو : development of spermatozoa.

Phenomenon : قابل ذکر نئے حالات : a remarkable development. "Now people are aware of there performance, in this phenomenon it is impossible for politicians to fool people again with fairy tales".

Early Days, Youth : ابتدائی مرحلہ : an early period of development. "During the youth of the project".

Branch, Offset, Offshoot, Outgrowth : شاخ : a natural consequence of development.

Advance, Betterment, Improvement : اصلاح : a change for the better; progress in development. "Betterment need in society".

Embryonic, Embryotic : ابتدائی مرحلے میں : in an early stage of development. "The embryonic government staffed by survivors of the massacre".

Backward, Feebleminded, Half-Witted, Slow-Witted : پسماندہ : retarded in intellectual development.

Check, Delay, Retard : ترقی روکنا : slow the growth or development of. "The brain damage will retard the child's language development".

Become, Turn : بن جانا : undergo a change or development. "What will you become when you grow up?".

Evolve : ارتقاء ہونا : undergo development or evolution. "Modern man evolved a long time ago".

Abort : نشو نما روک دینا : cease development, die, and be aborted. "An aborting fetus".

Stunt : نشرو نما روکنا : check the growth or development of. "You will stunt your growth by building all these muscles".

Advanced : آگے کی : comparatively late in a course of development. "The illness had reached an advanced stage".

Maturation, Maturement, Ripening : بلوغت کو پہچنا : coming to full development; becoming mature.

Advanced : بڑا : farther along in physical or mental development. "The child`s skeletal age was classified as `advanced`".

Babyhood, Early Childhood, Infancy : کمسنی : the early stage of growth or development.

Follow, Trace : نگرانی کرنا : follow, discover, or ascertain the course of development of something. "We must follow closely the economic development is Cuba".

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