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Artlessly meaning in Urdu

Artlessly Sentences

English cricketer dropped the catch artlessly.
She answered the judge's questions artlessly.

Artlessly Synonyms


Artlessly Definitions

1 of 2) Artlessly, Crudely, Inexpertly : اناڑی پن سے : (adverb) in a crude and unskilled manner.

2 of 2) Artlessly, Ingenuously : بہولے پن سے, عمدگی سے, معصومیت سے : (adverb) in an ingenuous manner.

Useful Words

Crudely : نامعقول طور پر , Barbaric : وحشیانہ , Dauber : اناڑی مصور , Lubberly : بے ڈھنگے پن سے , Grunt : اناڑی , Ragpicker : کباڑیا , Incompleteness : اناڑی پن , Hovel : جھونپڑی , Rough-And-Ready : گھٹیا مگر کام چلانے کے لئے کافی , Refinery : خالص بنانے کا کارخانہ , Barbarise : وحشی ہو جانا , Pig Iron : کچا لوہا , Oil Tanker : ٹینکر , Paraffin : مٹی کا تیل , Barbarian : گنوار , Oil Slick : تیل کی سطح کی باریک تہ , Barilla : سمندری پودا , Firmly : حفاظت سے , Differently : مختلف انداز سے , Fain : مرضی سے , Cause : قائل کرنا , Appropriately : مناسب طریقے سے , Decent : مناسب طور پر , Volitionally : مرضی سے , Earnestly : توجہ سے , However : چاہے جیسے بھی , Gaily : خوش دلی سے , Coyly : شرما تے ہوۓ , Wryly : ٹیڑھے پن سے , Weightily : سنجیدہ طور پر , Becomingly : مناسب طور سے

Useful Words Definitions

Crudely: in a crude or unrefined manner.

Barbaric: unrestrained and crudely rich.

Dauber: an unskilled painter.

Lubberly: clumsy and unskilled.

Grunt: an unskilled or low-ranking soldier or other worker.

Ragpicker: an unskilled person who picks up rags from trash cans and public dumps as a means of livelihood.

Incompleteness: the state of being crude and incomplete and imperfect.

Hovel: small crude shelter used as a dwelling.

Rough-And-Ready: crude but effective for the purpose at hand.

Refinery: an industrial plant for purifying a crude substance.

Barbarise: become crude or savage or barbaric in behavior or language.

Pig Iron: crude iron tapped from a blast furnace.

Oil Tanker: a cargo ship designed to carry crude oil in bulk.

Paraffin: from crude petroleum; used for candles and for preservative or waterproof coatings.

Barbarian: a crude uncouth ill-bred person lacking culture or refinement.

Oil Slick: a thin film of oil floating on top of water (especially crude oil spilled from a ship).

Barilla: bushy plant of Old World salt marshes and sea beaches having prickly leaves; burned to produce a crude soda ash.

Firmly: in a secure manner; in a manner free from danger.

Differently: in another and different manner.

Fain: in a willing manner.

Cause: cause to do; cause to act in a specified manner.

Appropriately: in an appropriate manner.

Decent: in the right manner.

Volitionally: in a willing manner.

Earnestly: in a serious manner.

However: in whatever way or manner.

Gaily: in a gay manner.

Coyly: in a coy manner.

Wryly: in a wry manner.

Weightily: in a serious manner.

Becomingly: in a becoming manner.

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