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Assembly meaning in Urdu

Assembly Sentence

They demanded the right of assembly.

Assembly Synonyms


Assembly Definitions

1 of 4) Assembly, Fabrication : جوڑنے کا عمل : (noun) the act of constructing something (as a piece of machinery).

2 of 4) Assembly, Forum, Meeting Place : بحث مباحثے کی جگہ : (noun) a public facility to meet for open discussion.

3 of 4) Assembly : اجتماع : (noun) a group of persons who are gathered together for a common purpose.

4 of 4) Assembly, Assemblage, Gathering : اجتماع : (noun) the social act of assembling.

Useful Words

Forum : عوامی اجتماع , Agora : قدیم یونانی اجتماع گاہ , Convention : اجتماع , Order : پارلیمانی طریق کار , Parliament : پارلیمان , Chamber : ایوان , Senate : ایوان , General Assembly : اقوام متحدہ کی عمومی مجلس , Court : عدالت , Horizontal Tail : جہاز کی دم کا افقی حصہ , Horizontal Stabiliser : جہاز کی دم کا افقی حصہ , Mass Production : وسیع پیداوار , Mechanism : مشین کا آلہ , Compiler : کوڈ کو چلنے کے قابل بنانے والا , Test Bed : وہ جگہ جہاں آلات وغیرہ رکھے ہوں , Rendezvous : ملنے کی جگہ , Locale : مقام , Moderator : ثالث , Backroom : خاص کمرہ , Bed : بستر , Canard : من گھڑت کہانی , Colloquium : مکالماتی نشست , Metallurgical Engineer : دھات صاف کرنے والا ماہر , Building : تعمیر , Reconstruction : باز تعمیر , Aeronautical Engineering : ہوائی جہاز بنانے کا عمل , Rail Technology : ریل کا نظام , Computer Technology : کمپیوٹرکی تکنیک , Constructive : جو کام کی ہو , Communications Technology : مواسلاتی ٹیکنالوجی , Grease : تیل

Useful Words Definitions

Forum: a public meeting or assembly for open discussion.

Agora: a place of assembly for the people in ancient Greece.

Convention: a large formal assembly.

Order: a body of rules followed by an assembly.

Parliament: a legislative assembly in certain countries.

Chamber: a deliberative or legislative or administrative or judicial assembly.

Senate: assembly possessing high legislative powers.

General Assembly: the supreme deliberative assembly of the United Nations.

Court: an assembly (including one or more judges) to conduct judicial business.

Horizontal Tail: the horizontal stabilizer and elevator in the tail assembly of an aircraft.

Horizontal Stabiliser: the horizontal airfoil of an aircraft`s tail assembly that is fixed and to which the elevator is hinged.

Mass Production: the production of large quantities of a standardized article (often using assembly line techniques).

Mechanism: device consisting of a piece of machinery; has moving parts that perform some function.

Compiler: (computer science) a program that decodes instructions written in a higher order language and produces an assembly language program.

Test Bed: a place equipped with instruments for testing (e.g. engines or machinery or computer programs etc.) under working conditions.

Rendezvous: a meeting planned at a certain time and place.

Locale: the scene of any event or action (especially the place of a meeting).

Moderator: someone who presides over a forum or debate.

Backroom: the meeting place of a group of leaders who make their decisions via private negotiations.

Bed: a piece of furniture that provides a place to sleep.

Canard: a deliberately misleading fabrication.

Colloquium: an academic meeting or seminar usually led by a different lecturer and on a different topic at each meeting.

Metallurgical Engineer: an engineer trained in the extraction and refining and alloying and fabrication of metals.

Building: the act of constructing something.

Reconstruction: the activity of constructing something again.

Aeronautical Engineering: the activity of designing and constructing aircraft.

Rail Technology: the activity of designing and constructing and operating railroads.

Computer Technology: the activity of designing and constructing and programming computers.

Constructive: constructing or tending to construct or improve or promote development.

Communications Technology: the activity of designing and constructing and maintaining communication systems.

Grease: a thick fatty oil (especially one used to lubricate machinery).

Related Words

Coming Together : ملاقات , Concentration : فوج جمع کرنا , Facility : سہولیات مہیا کرنے والی جگہ , Assemblage : ہجوم , General Assembly : قانون بنانے والا

Assembly in Book Titles

The UN General Assembly.
Lean Assembly: The Nuts and Bolts of Making Assembly Operations Flow.
Industrial Assembly.
LINUX Assembly Language Programming.

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