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Assume 🔊 Meaning in Urdu

Assume Sentences

How did you assume.
The queen assumed the stately robes.

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1/8) Khud Se Samajh Lena خود سے سمجھ لینا : Presume Take For Granted Assume : (verb) take to be the case or to be true; accept without verification or proof.

I assume his train was late.

Related : Expect : regard something as probable or likely.


2/8) Lena لینا : Strike Take Take Up Assume : (verb) occupy or take on.

He assumes the lotus position.

Related : Take : assume, as of positions or roles.

3/8) Mansab Sambhalna منصب سنبھالنا : Adopt Take On Take Over Assume : (verb) take on titles, offices, duties, responsibilities.

When will the new President assume office?

4/8) Ikhtiyar Kar Lena اختیار کر لینا : Acquire Adopt Take Take On Assume : (verb) take on a certain form, attribute, or aspect.

She assumed strange manners.
The gods assume human or animal form in these fables.

Related : Change : undergo a change; become different in essence; losing one's or its original nature.

5/8) Dosray Ka Bojh Uthana دوسرے کا بوجھ اٹھانا : Accept Bear Take Over Assume : (verb) take on as one's own the expenses or debts of another person.

6/8) Gasab Karna غصب کرنا Najaiz Qabza Karna ناجائز قبضہ کرنا : Arrogate Seize Take Over Usurp Assume : (verb) seize and take control without authority and possibly with force; take as one`s right or possession.

He assumed to himself the right to fill all positions in the town.

Related : Seize : take possession of by force, as after an invasion.

7/8) Dekhawa Karna دکھاوا کرنا Dhong Karna ڈہونگ کرنا Zahir Karna ظاہرکرنا : Feign Sham Simulate Assume : (verb) make a pretence of.

She assumed indifference, even though she was seething with anger.

Related : Pretend : behave unnaturally or affectedly.

8/8) Phenna پہننا Libas Pehna لباس پہنا : Don Get Into Put On Wear Assume : (verb) put clothing on one`s body.

Related : Get Dressed : put on clothes.

Assume in Book Titles

Study on Tribal Capability to Assume Regulatory Primacy.
Strangers Assume My Girlfriend Is My.
Assume the Position: Memoirs of an Obstetrician Gynecologist.
To Assume a Pleasing Shape: StoriesHunger Strike: The Anorectic`s Struggle as a Metaphor for Our Age.

Useful Words

Accept Have Take : Qubool Karna قبول کرنا : receive willingly something given or offered. "May Allah accept the sacrifice of all"

Case Example Instance : Waqia واقعہ : an occurrence of something. "It was a case of bad judgment"

Busy Occupy : Masroof Karna مصروف کرنا : keep busy with. "We are coming to your hotel after such a long journey and you are saying that all rooms are occupied"

Cogent Evidence Proof : Pukhta Saboot پختہ ثبوت : any factual evidence that helps to establish the truth of something. "If you have any proof for what you say, now is the time to produce it"

Conduct Direct Guide Lead Take : Lay Jana لے جانا : take somebody somewhere. "His long sit-in led him to become prime minister"

True : Sach سچ : consistent with fact or reality; not false. "It might be true"

Check Confirmation Substantiation Verification : Tasdeeq تصدیق : additional proof that something that was believed (some fact or hypothesis or theory) is correct. "Fossils provided further confirmation of the evolutionary theory"