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اُچَٹنے کا عمَل : Auchtnay Ka Amal Meaning in English

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1) اچھلنا واپس اچھلنا اچٹنے کا عمل : Bounce Bound Rebound Recoil Resile Reverberate Ricochet Spring Take A Hop : (verb) spring back; spring away from an impact.

Related : Carom : rebound after hitting. Spring : move forward by leaps and bounds.


Useful Words

اچانک کود پڑنا : Burst In On, Burst Upon : spring suddenly. "He burst upon our conversation".

بہاری : Vernal : of or characteristic of or occurring in spring. "The vernal equinox".

کسی چشمے یا سمندر کے کنارے واقع ہوٹل : Spa, Watering Hole, Watering Place : a health resort near a spring or at the seaside. "He opened spa near sea".

گرم پانی کا چشمہ : Hot Spring, Thermal Spring : a natural spring of water at a temperature of 70 F or above. "A hot spring erupts and splashes over rocks".

چٹخنی : Door Latch, Latch : spring-loaded doorlock that can only be opened from the outside with a key.

چابی دینا : Wind, Wind Up : coil the spring of (some mechanical device) by turning a stem. "Wind your watch".

پھولوں والا خاردار درخت : Haw, Hawthorn : a spring-flowering shrub or small tree of the genus Crataegus. "Flowers of hawthorn are used to make medicine".

مرکزی یا اہم اسپرنگ : Mainspring : the most important spring in a mechanical device (especially a clock or watch); as it uncoils it drives the mechanism.

واپس پلٹنا : Backlash, Rebound, Recoil, Repercussion : a movement back from an impact. "Disruptive repercussions of the war".

گیندے کاپہول : Cowslip, Paigle, Primula Veris : early spring flower common in British isles having fragrant yellow or sometimes purple flowers.

جنوبی امریکی تھوہر پودا : Easter Cactus, Hatiora Gaertneri, Schlumbergera Gaertneri : spring-blooming South American cactus with oblong joints and coral-red flowers; sometimes placed in genus Schlumbergera.

ایک قسم کا اوزار : Secateurs : small pruning shears with a spring that holds the handles open and a single blade that closes against a flat surface.

یونانی دیوی : Hebe : (Greek mythology) the goddess of youth and spring; wife of Hercules; daughter of Zeus and Hera; cupbearer to the Olympian gods.

گل اشرفی : Common Buttercup, Ranunculus Bulbosus : perennial Old World buttercup with golden to sulphur yellow flowers in late spring to early summer; naturalized in North America. "Ranunculus Bulbosus used in many medicines".

کھٹا گوند : Black Gum, Nyssa Sylvatica, Pepperidge, Sour Gum : columnar tree of eastern North America having horizontal limbs and small leaves that emerge late in spring and have brilliant color in early fall.

جگر جیسا پودا : Hepatica, Liverleaf : any of several plants of the genus Hepatica having three-lobed leaves and white or pinkish flowers in early spring; of moist and mossy subalpine woodland areas of north temperate regions.

یورپ کی عام سوسن : Arum Maculatum, Cuckoopint, Jack-In-The-Pulpit, Lords-And-Ladies : common European arum with lanceolate spathe and short purple spadix; emerges in early spring; source of a starch called arum.

مزدوروں کا دن : First Of May, May 1, May Day : observed in many countries to celebrate the coming of spring; observed in Russia and related countries in honor of labor.

گرج دار : Reverberant : having a tendency to reverberate or be repeatedly reflected. "A reverberant room".

پلٹ آنا : Redound : return or recoil. "Fame redounds to the heroes".

ہلکا : Easy, Gentle, Soft : having little impact. "An easy pat on the shoulder".

ٹکر : Blow, Bump : an impact (as from a collision). "The bump threw him off the bicycle".

اثر سے بچانا : Buffer, Cushion, Soften : protect from impact. "Cushion the blow".

متاثر ہونا : Affect, Impress, Move, Strike : have an emotional or cognitive impact upon. "This child impressed me as unusually mature".

ہچکولا : Jar, Jolt, Jounce, Shock : a sudden jarring impact. "The door closed with a jolt".

ایک دوسرے سے ٹکرانا : Clash, Collide : crash together with violent impact. "The cars collided".

ایک قسم کا رقص : Do-Si-Do : a square-dance figure; two dancers approach each other and circle back to back before returning to their original places.

سیکرم اور لمبر مہروں کے متعلق : Lumbosacral : of or relating to or near the small of the back and the back part of the pelvis between the hips.

کسی بھاری چیز سے مارنا : Pound, Ram, Ram Down : strike or drive against with a heavy impact. "Ram the gate with a sledgehammer".

بے لطف : Insipid, Jejune : lacking interest or significance or impact. "An insipid personality".

لوٹنے والا : Bounce, Bouncing : rebounding from an impact (or series of impacts).

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