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Recoil meaning in Urdu

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Recoil Definitions

1 of 5) Recoil, Kick : فائر کے وقت بندوق کا پیچھے کو ہٹنا : (noun) the backward jerk of a gun when it is fired.

3 of 5) Recoil, Backlash, Rebound, Repercussion : واپس پلٹنا, پیچھے ہٹنا, واپس پلٹاٴو : (noun) a movement back from an impact.

4 of 5) Recoil, Backfire, Backlash : پیچھے کو ہٹنا, کسی بات کا غلط نتیجہ نکلنا : (verb) come back to the originator of an action with an undesired effect.

5 of 5) Recoil, Bounce, Bound, Rebound, Resile, Reverberate, Ricochet, Spring, Take A Hop : اچھلنا, واپس اچھلنا, اچٹنے کا عمل : (verb) spring back; spring away from an impact.

Useful Words

Redound : پلٹ آنا , Jumping Bean : ایک قسم کی پھلی , Boot : ٹہوکر مارنا , Ammo : گولہ , Bullet : بندوق کی گولی , Scissors Kick : فٹ بال وغیرہ میں قینچی ضرب لگانا کک لگانا , Strapado : قدیم دور کی ایک سزا , Handgun : ایک ہاتھ سے چلانے والی پستول , Very Light : اشارہ دینے کی روشنی , Barrel : بندوق کی نال , Cannon Ball : توپ کا گولہ , Association Football : فٹ بال کی طرز کا ایک کھیل , Australian Crawl : تیراکی , Roofing Tile : پختہ مٹی کی پتلی سل , Air-To-Ground : ہوا سے زمین پر , Fireman : فائر مین , High-Angle Gun : اونچا گولا مارنے والی توپ , High-Angle Fire : اونچا گولا مارنا , Fireroom : بھٹی , Grenade : دستی بم , Clay : چکنی مٹی جو گرم ہونے سے سخت ہوجاتی ہے , Cartridge : کارتوس , Shell : گولا , Kickoff : کھیل کا آغاز , Football : فٹ بال , A : میٹر کا دس ارب واں حصہ , Back : پیچھے , Draw : نکالنا , Fear : ڈرنا , Gun : بندوق , It : یہ

Useful Words Definitions

Redound: return or recoil.

Jumping Bean: seed of Mexican shrubs of the genus Sebastiana containing the larva of a moth whose movements cause the bean to jerk or tumble.

Boot: kick; give a boot to.

Ammo: projectiles to be fired from a gun.

Bullet: a projectile that is fired from a gun.

Scissors Kick: a kick used in the sidestroke; legs are brought together in a scissoring motion.

Strapado: a form of torture in which the hands are tied behind a person's back and they are lifted off the ground by a rope tied to their wrists, then allowed to drop until their fall is checked with a jerk by the rope.

Handgun: a firearm that is held and fired with one hand.

Very Light: a colored flare fired from a Very pistol.

Barrel: a tube through which a bullet travels when a gun is fired.

Cannon Ball: a solid projectile that in former times was fired from a cannon.

Association Football: a football game in which two teams of 11 players try to kick or head a ball into the opponents' goal.

Australian Crawl: a swimming stroke; arms are moved alternately overhead accompanied by a flutter kick.

Roofing Tile: a thin flat slab of fired clay used for roofing.

Air-To-Ground: operating from or designed to be fired from aircraft at targets on the ground.

Fireman: a laborer who tends fires (as on a coal-fired train or steamship).

High-Angle Gun: a cannon that can be fired at a high elevation for relatively short ranges.

High-Angle Fire: fire from a cannon that is fired at an elevation greater than that for the maximum range.

Fireroom: (nautical) chamber or compartment in which the furnaces of a ship are stoked or fired.

Grenade: a small explosive bomb thrown by hand or fired from a missile.

Clay: a very fine-grained soil that is plastic when moist but hard when fired.

Cartridge: ammunition consisting of a cylindrical casing containing an explosive charge and a bullet; fired from a rifle or handgun.

Shell: ammunition consisting of a cylindrical metal casing containing an explosive charge and a projectile; fired from a large gun.

Kickoff: (football) a kick from the center of the field to start a football game or to resume it after a score.

Football: any of various games played with a ball (round or oval) in which two teams try to kick or carry or propel the ball into each other`s goal.

A: a metric unit of length equal to one ten billionth of a meter (or 0.0001 micron); used to specify wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation.

Back: at or to or toward the back or rear.

Draw: bring, take, or pull out of a container or from under a cover.

Fear: be afraid or feel anxious or apprehensive about a possible or probable situation or event.

Gun: a weapon that discharges a missile at high velocity (especially from a metal tube or barrel).

It: Used of a nonhuman entity.

Related Words

Bounce : لوٹنے والا , Carom : اچھال , Come About : واقع ہونا , Carom : ٹکرا کر واپس آنا , Bound : اچک کر آگے بڑھنا