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Authorities Meaning in Urdu

Authorities Sentence

The matter was referred to higher authorities.

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1) Hukumat حکومت Sarkar سرکار : Government Regime Authorities : (noun) the organization that is the governing authority of a political unit.

Related : Government Activity : the act of governing; exercising authority.


Useful Words

Authorisation Authority Authorization Dominance Potency Say-So : Ikhtiyar اختیار : the power or right to give orders or make decisions. "He has the authority to issue warrants"

Administration Governance Governing Government Government Activity : Hukumat حکومت : the act of governing; exercising authority. "The government claims to make Pakistan the state of Madinah"

Organisation Organization : Tanzeem تنظیم : a group of people who work together. "I had an organization"

Political : Siyasi سیاسی : involving or characteristic of politics or parties or politicians. "Its a political friend ship"

Unit Unit Of Measurement : Ekai اکائی : any division of quantity accepted as a standard of measurement or exchange. "The dollar is the United States unit of currency"

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