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Authorization meaning in Urdu

Authorization Sentence

Deputies are given authorization to make arrests.

Authorization Synonyms


Authorization Definitions

1 of 3) Authorization, Authorisation, Mandate : اختیار نامہ, مختار نامہ : (noun) a document giving an official instruction or command.

2 of 3) Authorization, Authorisation, Authority, Dominance, Potency, Say-So : اختیار : (noun) the power or right to give orders or make decisions.

3 of 3) Authorization, Authorisation, Authority, Sanction : اجازت, حکم نامہ : (noun) official permission or approval.

Useful Words

Formally : اختیار کے ساتھ , Unauthorised : بلا اجازت , On The Side : غیر سرکاری طور پر , License : اجازت دینے کا عمل , Commander : امیر , Licence : کسی کام کو کرنے کی تحریری اجازت دینا , Sanction : فرمان , Pass : گزرنامہ , Authorise : اجازت دینا , Franchise : کسی کمپنی کی اشیاء بیچنے کا مرکز , Mandator : حکمنامہ جاری کرنے والا , Direct : حکم دینا , Command : اختیار , Military Officer : افسر , Resignation : استعفی , Work Papers : ملازمت نامہ , Impeachment : مواخذہ , Semiofficial : جزوی سرکاری , Official : سرکاری , Unofficial : غیر سرکاری , Ultra Vires : دائرہ اختیارسے باہر , Intra Vires : دائرہ اختیارمیں , Abrogator : ناسخ , Instructional : تعلیمی , Lesson : درس , Bid : حکم , Guide : راہنمائی کرنے والی کتاب , Tuition : ٹیوشن کی فیس , Education : علم , Disallow : رد کرنا , Command : کمان کرنا

Useful Words Definitions

Formally: with official authorization.

Unauthorised: without official authorization.

On The Side: without official authorization.

License: the act of giving a formal (usually written) authorization.

Commander: someone in an official position of authority who can command or control others.

Licence: a legal document giving official permission to do something.

Sanction: the act of final authorization.

Pass: any authorization to pass or go somewhere.

Authorise: grant authorization or clearance for.

Franchise: an authorization to sell a company's goods or services in a particular place.

Mandator: an authority who issues a mandate.

Direct: command with authority.

Command: the power or authority to command.

Military Officer: any person in the armed services who holds a position of authority or command.

Resignation: a formal document giving notice of your intention to resign.

Work Papers: a legal document giving information required for employment of certain people in certain countries.

Impeachment: a formal document charging a public official with misconduct in office.

Semiofficial: having some official authority or sanction.

Official: having official authority or sanction.

Unofficial: not having official authority or sanction.

Ultra Vires: beyond the legal power or authority of a person or official or body etc.

Intra Vires: within the legal power or authority or a person or official or body etc.

Abrogator: an authority or official empowered to abolish or annul or repeal.

Instructional: of or relating to or used in instruction.

Lesson: a unit of instruction.

Bid: an authoritative direction or instruction to do something.

Guide: something that offers basic information or instruction.

Tuition: a fee paid for instruction (especially for higher education).

Education: knowledge acquired by learning and instruction.

Disallow: command against.

Command: be in command of.

Related Words

Control : قابو , Carte Blanche : کھلی چھٹی , Imperium : شاہی حکم , Lordship : سرداری , Sovereignty : حاکمیت , Instrument : دستاویز , Permission : اجازت , Jurisprudence : اصول , Authorised : مستند , Unauthorised : غیر مستند

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