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Autogyro   Meaning in Urdu

1. Autogyro - Autogiro - Gyroplane : ہیلی کوپٹر : (noun) an aircraft that is supported in flight by unpowered rotating horizontal wings (or blades); forward propulsion is provided by a conventional propeller.

Heavier-Than-Air Craft - a non-buoyant aircraft that requires a source of power to hold it aloft and to propel it.

Useful Words

Aircraft : ہوا میں پرواز کرنے والی سواری : a vehicle that can fly.

Blade - Leaf Blade : پتا : especially a leaf of grass or the broad portion of a leaf as distinct from the petiole.

Conventional : روایتی : following accepted customs and proprieties. "Conventional wisdom"

Flight : اڑان : a formation of aircraft in flight. "When is my flight?"

Ahead - Forrader - Forward - Forwards - Onward - Onwards : آگے کی طرف : in a forward direction. "I drop you ahead"

Horizontal : افقی : parallel to or in the plane of the horizon or a base line. "A horizontal surface"

Propeller - Propellor : آگے بڑھنے والا آلہ : a mechanical device that rotates to push against air or water.

Propulsion : دھکا : a propelling force.

Fly - Wing : ہوا میں اڑنا : travel through the air; be airborne. "Man cannot fly"

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