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Babble meaning in Urdu

Babble Sentence

The two women babbled and crooned at the baby.

Babble Synonyms


Babble Definitions

1 of 4) Babble, Babble Out, Blab, Blab Out, Let The Cat Out Of The Bag, Peach, Sing, Spill The Beans, Talk, Tattle : راز فاش کرنا : (verb) divulge confidential information or secrets.

2 of 4) Babble, Babbling, Lallation : بچے کی غوں غوں : (noun) gibberish resembling the sounds of a baby.

4 of 4) Babble, Bubble, Burble, Guggle, Gurgle, Ripple : غرغرانا کی آواز : (verb) flow in an irregular current with a bubbling noise.

Useful Words

Blabbermouthed : چغل خوری , Leak : خفیہ معلومات کا عام ہونا , Betrayer : رقم کے بدلے خبر دینے والا , Espionage : کسی ملک کا جاسوس , Confidentially : خفیہ طور پر , Conclave : خفیہ مجلس , Cognise : معلوم ہونا , Newsletter : اطلاع نامہ , Document : تحریری دستاویز , Betray : مخبری کرنا , Misinformation : جہوٹی خبر , Consult : رجوع کرنا , Advised : آگاہ , Reportedly : خبر وں کے مطابق , Open : منظر عام , Conveyance : معلومات کا انتقال , Kid : جھوٹ بولنا , Fir : ابتدائی اطلاعاتی رپورٹ , Cue : کنایہ , Keep To Oneself : راز داری سے برتنا , Communicate : پہنچا دینا , Acquaintance : واقفیت , Brief : خاص معلومات دینا , Confidential : خفیہ معلومات , Rail : غلط معلومات پھیلانا , Notice : اطلاع نامہ , Informant : مخبر , Dead Reckoning : تکا , Which : جو , Up-To-Date : تازہ ترین , Arcanum : راز

Useful Words Definitions

Blabbermouthed: prone to communicate confidential information.

Leak: unauthorized (especially deliberate) disclosure of confidential information.

Betrayer: one who reveals confidential information in return for money.

Espionage: the systematic use of spies to get military or political secrets.

Confidentially: in a confidential manner.

Conclave: a confidential or secret meeting.

Cognise: be cognizant or aware of a fact or a specific piece of information; possess knowledge or information about.

Newsletter: report or open letter giving informal or confidential news of interest to a special group.

Document: writing that provides information (especially information of an official nature).

Betray: give away information about somebody.

Misinformation: information that is incorrect.

Consult: seek information from.

Advised: having received information.

Reportedly: according to reports or other information.

Open: information that has become public.

Conveyance: the transmission of information.

Kid: tell false information to for fun.

Fir: First Information Report.

Cue: a stimulus that provides information about what to do.

Keep To Oneself: withhold information.

Communicate: transmit information ahead.

Acquaintance: personal knowledge or information about someone or something.

Brief: give essential information to someone.

Confidential: (of information) given in confidence or in secret.

Rail: spread negative information about.

Notice: an announcement containing information about an event.

Informant: a person who supplies information.

Dead Reckoning: an estimate based on little or no information.

Which: clause that provides additional information.

Up-To-Date: reflecting the latest information or changes.

Arcanum: information known only to a special group.

Related Words

Gibber : بے تکی باتیں کرنا , Break : راز فاش کرنا , Blab : فضول باتیں

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