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بَند بَرتَن میں دَم دینا : Band Bartan Mein Dam Dena Meaning in English

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Band Bartan Mein Dam Dena in Detail

1) بند برتن میں دم دینا : Braised : (satellite adjective) cooked by browning in fat and then simmering in a closed container.

Related : Cooked : having been prepared for eating by the application of heat.

Useful Words

مچھلی کا گوشت : Carp : the lean flesh of a fish that is often farmed; can be baked or braised.

تلے ہوئے انڈے : Fried Egg : eggs cooked by sauteing in oil or butter; sometimes turned and cooked on both sides. "I had to eat fried egg".

پکایا ہوا گوشت : Pot Roast : cut of beef suitable for simmering in liquid in a closed pot.

کچی : Uncooked : not cooked. "The rice are uncooked".

پیاز سے تیار کردہ : Lyonnaise : cooked with onions.

ابلا ہوا : Boiled, Poached, Stewed : cooked in hot water.

ناکافی طور پر پکا ہوا : Half-Baked, Underdone : insufficiently cooked.

بیکری کے بسکٹ : Bakery Biscuit : Biscuits which cooked in bakery. "These are bakery biscuits for party".

گھر سے باہر پکا گوشت : Barbecued, Grilled : cooked over an outdoor grill. "People eating barbecued".

ابال کر کم کرنا : Boil Down, Concentrate, Decoct, Reduce : be cooked until very little liquid is left. "The sauce should reduce to one cup".

انگیٹھی پر بھونی مرغی : Grilled Chicken : fish cooked on a chicken. "Find out the grilled chicken recipes".

انگیٹھی پر بھونی مچھلی : Grilled Fish : fish cooked on a grill . "I have to eat grilled fish".

چکن تکہ : Chicken Tikka : Bbq chicken which cooked over coal. "Order a Chicken Tikka".

ہانڈی : Handi : a cooking pot in which food is cooked. "Handi is ready to eat".

پانی میں آہستہ آہستہ ابلا ہوا انڈا : Dropped Egg, Poached Egg : egg cooked in gently boiling water.

وہ ہوٹل جہاں انگیٹھی وغیرہ پر کھانا بنایا جائے : Grill, Grillroom : a restaurant where food is cooked on a grill.

رس : Liquor, Pot Likker, Pot Liquor : the liquid in which vegetables or meat have be cooked. "Pot likker is good for health".

بھونی ہوئی : Roast, Roasted : (meat) cooked by dry heat in an oven. "Roasted vegetable".

چولھے میں پکے آلو : Baked Potato : potato that has been cooked by baking it in an oven.

سرسوں : Indian Mustard, Leaf Mustard, Mustard, Mustard Greens : leaves eaten as cooked greens. "Mustard saag is my favorite luch".

کڑاہی میں پکا ہوا کھانا : Casserole : food cooked and served in a casserole. "Chicken Casserole".

انگیٹھی پر بھونا ہوا جهینگا : Grilled Lobster : Lobster cooked on a grill normally in restaurants. "He loves to eat grilled lobster".

جو پوری طرح پکا ہوا نہ ہو : Rare : (of meat) cooked a short time; still red inside. "Rare roast beef".

کڑاہی : Casserole : large deep dish in which food can be cooked and served. "Place the casserole over a medium heat".

پالک : Spinach : dark green leaves; eaten cooked or raw in salads.

شوربے میں پکائے گئے چاول : Italian Rice, Risotto : rice cooked with broth and sprinkled with grated cheese.

ابلا ہوا انڈا : Boiled Egg, Coddled Egg : egg cooked briefly in the shell in gently boiling water. "Boiled egg is good for you".

کوکر : Cocotte : a small casserole in which individual portions can be cooked and served.

آلو گوشت : Hot Pot, Hotpot : a stew of meat and potatoes cooked in a tightly covered pot. "Hot pot is a great meal to make".

ایک قسم کا انڈا : Baked Egg, Egg En Cocotte, Shirred Egg : egg cooked individually in cream or butter in a small ramekin.

عام باغاتی ریوند چینی : Pieplant, Rhubarb : long pinkish sour leafstalks usually eaten cooked and sweetened.

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