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Bandwagon meaning in Urdu

Bandwagon Sentences

The gaudy bandwagon led the circus parade.
When they saw how things were going everybody jumped on the bandwagon.

Bandwagon Definitions

1 of 2) Bandwagon : مقبول رجحان : (noun) a popular trend that attracts growing support.


2 of 2) Bandwagon : سرکس والی گاڑی : (noun) a large ornate wagon for carrying a musical band.

Useful Words

Demagog : جذبات انگیز رہنما , Haute Couture : اعلی انداز , Upturn : الٹا دینا , Attracter : کشش کا باعث , Attraction : کشش , Clamorously : چیخ چیخ کے , Mecca : دوسروں کو اپنی طرف مائل کرنے والی جگہ , Cynosure : توجہ کا مرکز , Attracter : اپنی طرف کھنچنے والا , Attraction : لبھاو , Blueberry : توت , Charlatan : بہروپیا , Magnet : مقناطیس , Dependant : دوسرے پر انحصار کرنےوالا , Catch On : مقبول ہونا , Back-Number : جو شخص مشہور نہ ہوا ہو , Hot Stuff : کافی مقبول , Style : فیشن , Mollie : اکوریم کی ایک مشہور مچھلی , Ladoo : لڈو , Thrush : گانے والی عورت , Torch Song : محبت کے دکہوں سے بھرا نغمہ , Ballad Maker : نغمہ نگار , Hit Parade : مشہور گانوں کی فہرست , Crooning : مشہور گانے جذباتی انداز میں گانے کا عمل , Hop : رقص , Jitterbug : تیز رقص , Proportional Representation : سیاسی جماعتوں کی نمائندگی , Hit Parade : بہترین چیزوں کی فہرست , Black : بچہ اداکار , Disc Jockey : موسیقی چلانے والا

Useful Words Definitions

Demagog: a political leader who seeks support by appealing to popular passions and prejudices.

Haute Couture: trend-setting fashions.

Upturn: an upward movement or trend as in business activity.

Attracter: a characteristic that provides pleasure and attracts.

Attraction: the force by which one object attracts another.

Clamorously: in manner that attracts attention.

Mecca: a place that attracts many visitors.

Cynosure: something that strongly attracts attention and admiration.

Attracter: an entertainer who attracts large audiences.

Attraction: the quality of arousing interest; being attractive or something that attracts.

Blueberry: sweet edible dark-blue berries of either low-growing or high-growing blueberry plants.

Charlatan: a flamboyant deceiver; one who attracts customers with tricks or jokes.

Magnet: (physics) a device that attracts iron and produces a magnetic field.

Dependant: a person who relies on another person for support (especially financial support).

Catch On: become popular.

Back-Number: someone who is no longer popular.

Hot Stuff: the quality of being popular.

Style: the popular taste at a given time.

Mollie: popular aquarium fish.

Ladoo: sweet which is very popular in India and Pakistan.

Thrush: a woman who sings popular songs.

Torch Song: a popular song concerned with disappointment in love.

Ballad Maker: a composer of words or music for popular songs.

Hit Parade: a ranked list of the songs that are most popular at a given time.

Crooning: the act of singing popular songs in a sentimental manner.

Hop: an informal dance where popular music is played.

Jitterbug: a jerky American dance that was popular in the 1940s.

Proportional Representation: representation of all parties in proportion to their popular vote.

Hit Parade: a collection of the best or most popular people or items of a given kind.

Black: popular child actress of the 1930`s (born in 1928).

Disc Jockey: a person who announces and plays popular recorded music.

Related Words

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