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رجحان : Rujhan Meaning in English

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1 of 10) کشش رغبت رجحان : Predisposition Sensitivity : (noun) susceptibility to a pathogen.

Related : Susceptibleness : the state of being susceptible; easily affected. Sensitization : the state of being sensitive (as to an antigen).


2 of 10) رغبت رجحان : Leaning Proclivity Propensity : (noun) a natural inclination.

Related : Tendency : an attitude of mind especially one that favors one alternative over others.

3 of 10) رجحان رغبت : Disposition Inclination Tendency : (noun) an attitude of mind especially one that favors one alternative over others.

Related : Mental Attitude : a complex mental state involving beliefs and feelings and values and dispositions to act in certain ways. Call : a special disposition (as if from a divine source) to pursue a particular course. Understanding : an inclination to support or be loyal to or to agree with an opinion.

4 of 10) رجحان رغبت : Penchant Predilection Preference Taste : (noun) a strong liking.

Related : Liking : a feeling of pleasure and enjoyment. Acquired Taste : a preference that is only acquired after considerable experience. Weakness : a penchant for something even though it might not be good for you.

5 of 10) رجحان : Aptness Propensity : (noun) a disposition to behave in a certain way.

Related : Disposition : a natural or acquired habit or characteristic tendency in a person or thing.

6 of 10) رجحان : Orientation Predilection Preference : (noun) a predisposition in favor of something.

7 of 10) جھکاو رجحان : Tendency Trend : (noun) a general direction in which something tends to move.

Related : Way : a line leading to a place or point.

8 of 10) آمادگی رجحان رضا مندی : Eagerness Forwardness Readiness Zeal : (noun) prompt willingness.

Related : Willingness : cheerful compliance.

9 of 10) فکر رجحان : Inspiration Stirring : (noun) arousing to a particular emotion or action.

Related : Rousing : the act of arousing.

10 of 10) رجحان : Inclination : (noun) that toward which you are inclined to feel a liking.

Related : Liking : a feeling of pleasure and enjoyment. Tendency : an inclination to do something.

Useful Words

چاہت : Fancy, Fondness, Partiality : a predisposition to like something. "He had a fondness for business".

موزونیت : Capability, Capacity : the susceptibility of something to a particular treatment. "The capability of a metal to be fused".

بد عنوانی : Corruption, Corruptness : lack of integrity or honesty (especially susceptibility to bribery); use of a position of trust for dishonest gain. "NAB found out about Nawaz Sharif`s corruption so he fled to UK and has not returned yet".

مدافعتی کمزوری : Agammaglobulinemia : a rare immunological disorder characterized by the virtual absence of gamma globulin in the blood and consequent susceptibility to infection.

برداشت کرنا : Tolerate : have a tolerance for a poison or strong drug or pathogen or environmental condition. "The patient does not tolerate the anti-inflammatory drugs we gave him".

حساسیت کم کرنے کا عمل : Desensitisation, Desensitization : the process of reducing sensitivity. "The patient was desensitized to the allergen".

سونگھنے کی حس میں کمی : Hyposmia : lessened sensitivity to odors.

حساسیت : Sensitiveness, Sensitivity : sensitivity to emotional feelings (of self and others).

حس : Antenna, Feeler : sensitivity similar to that of a receptor organ. "He had a special antenna for public relations".

سماعت پیما : Audiometer, Sonometer : an instrument used to measure the sensitivity of hearing.

حساسیت نور : Photosensitivity, Radiosensitivity : sensitivity to the action of radiant energy.

خصوصیت : Acuteness : a sensitivity that is keen and highly developed. "Dogs have a remarkable acuteness of smell".

ذوق جمال رکھنے والا : Aesthete, Esthete : one who professes great sensitivity to the beauty of art and nature.

بے جذبہ : Soulless : lacking sensitivity or the capacity for deep feeling.

کسی فن میں ماہر : Artist, Creative Person : a person whose creative work shows sensitivity and imagination. "Make up artist".

جذبات : Feelings : emotional or moral sensitivity (especially in relation to personal principles or dignity). "Respect the feeling".

خراشی جانچ : Scratch Test : a test to determine allergic sensitivity to various substances by applying them to scratches in the skin.

جلد کا ٹیسٹ : Skin Test : any test to determine immunity or sensitivity to a disease by introducing small amounts on or into the skin.

تنہائی : Aloneness, Loneliness, Lonesomeness, Solitariness : a disposition toward being alone. "Aloneness doesn`t bother her".

کمینا : Meanie, Meany, Unkind Person : a person of mean disposition. "He is a meanie to me all the time".

ہنسنے کی عادت : Risibility : a disposition to laugh.

تلخی : Mordacity : a disposition to biting.

کریم النفسی : Benevolence : disposition to do good.

افہام و تفہیم : Amity, Cordiality : a cordial disposition.

چوری سے متعلق : Larcenous, Thievishness : having a disposition to steal.

خود غرض : Churlish : having a bad disposition; surly. "Churlish as a bear".

چڑچڑا پن : Crabbedness, Crabbiness, Crossness : a disposition to be ill-tempered.

موافقت : Congeniality : a congenial disposition.

بد مزاج : Cantankerous, Crotchety, Ornery : having a difficult and contrary disposition. "Ornery woman".

خبط : Contrariness, Crankiness, Crotchetiness, Grumpiness : a fussy and eccentric disposition.

رضامندی : Agreeability, Agreeableness : a temperamental disposition to be agreeable.