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1 of 5) Bank, Banking Company, Banking Concern, Depository Financial Institution : بینک : (noun) a financial institution that accepts deposits and channels the money into lending activities.

What time do banks open?
He cashed a check at the bank.+ More

Related : Agent Bank : a bank that acts as an agent for a foreign bank. Full Service Bank : a financial institution that accepts demand deposits and makes loans and provides other services for the public. State Bank : a bank chartered by a state rather than by the federal government.


2 of 5) Bank : ساحل, کنارہ : (noun) sloping land (especially the slope beside a body of water).

They pulled the canoe up on the bank.
He sat on the bank of the river and watched the currents.

Related : Riverside : the bank of a river. Slope : an elevated geological formation.

3 of 5) Bank : مٹی کا ٹیلا : (noun) a long ridge or pile.

A huge bank of earth.

Related : Bluff : a high steep bank (usually formed by river erosion). Ridge : a long narrow natural elevation or striation. Sandbank : a submerged bank of sand near a shore or in a river; can be exposed at low tide.

4 of 5) Bank, Coin Bank, Money Box, Savings Bank : تجوری : (noun) a container (usually with a slot in the top) for keeping money at home.

The coin bank was empty.

Related : Container : any object that can be used to hold things (especially a large metal boxlike object of standardized dimensions that can be loaded from one form of transport to another). Piggy Bank : a child`s coin bank (often shaped like a pig).

5 of 5) Bank, Rely, Swear, Trust : بھروسہ کرنا : (verb) have confidence or faith in.

Bank on your good education.

Related : Believe : accept as true; take to be true. Credit : have trust in; trust in the truth or veracity of. Lean : rely on for support.

Useful Words

Agent Bank, Lead Bank : نمائندہ بینک : a bank named by a lending syndicate of several banks to protect their interests.

Bank Bill, Bank Note, Banker's Bill, Banknote, Bill, Federal Reserve Note, Government Note, Greenback, Note : نوٹ : a piece of paper money (especially one issued by a central bank). "He peeled off five one-thousand-zloty notes".

Bank Check, Check, Cheque : چیک : a written order directing a bank to pay money. "I have to deposit the cheque".

Bank Clerk, Cashier, Teller : بنک کا خزانچی : an employee of a bank who receives and pays out money. "He was a teller in bank".

Bank Deposit, Deposit : بینک امانت : money deposited in a bank or some similar institution.

Bank Discount, Discount, Discount Rate : بنک کمیشن : interest on an annual basis deducted in advance on a loan.

Bank Draft, Banker's Draft : ایک بینک کی دوسرے بینک کے نام ہنڈی : a draft drawn by a bank against funds deposited in another bank.

Bank Holiday : تعطیلات بنک : any of several weekdays when banks are closed; a legal holiday in Britain.

Aba Transit Number, Bank Identification Number, Bin : بینک کا کوڈ : an identification number consisting of a two-part code assigned to banks and savings associations; the first part shows the location and the second identifies the bank itself.

Bank Line, Credit Line, Line, Line Of Credit, Personal Credit Line, Personal Line Of Credit : ادھار دینے کی حد : the maximum credit that a customer is allowed.

Bank Rate : سود : the discount rate fixed by a central bank.

Bank Run : بینک سے رقم نکلوانا : the concerted action of depositors who try to withdraw their money from a bank because they think it will fail.

Blood Bank : خون جمع کرانے کی جگہ : a place for storing whole blood or blood plasma. "The Red Cross created a blood bank for emergencies".

Cloud Bank : دور سے دیکھی جانے والی بادلوں کی تہ : a layer of clouds seen from a distance.

Commercial Bank, Full Service Bank : تجارتی بینک : a financial institution that accepts demand deposits and makes loans and provides other services for the public.

Federal Savings Bank, Fsb : وفاقی بچت بینک : a federally chartered savings bank.

Home Loan Bank : قرض دینے کا ادارہ : one of 11 regional banks that monitor and make short-term credit advances to thrift institutions in their region.

Acquirer, Merchant Bank : تاجروں کو تجارتی قرضے دینے والا بینک : a credit card processing bank; merchants receive credit for credit card receipts less a processing fee.

National Bank : حکومتی بینک : a commercial bank chartered by the federal government.

Penny Bank, Piggy Bank : گلک : a child`s coin bank (often shaped like a pig). "I have 200 rupees in my penny bank".

State Bank : مملکتی بینک : a bank chartered by a state rather than by the federal government.

Acquirer : اے ٹی ایم مشین فراہم کرنے والا ادارہ : the financial institution that dispenses cash in automated teller machines and collects a fee from the bank that issued the credit card.

Depositor : رقم وغیرہ جمع کروانے والا : a person who has deposited money in a bank or similar institution. "Depositor in the bank".

Acceptance, Banker's Acceptance : بینک کے اوقات : banking: a time draft drawn on and accepted by a bank.

Compensating Balance, Offsetting Balance : کم از کم رقم : a minimum credit balance that a bank may require a borrower to keep on deposit as a condition for granting a loan; a common requirement for establishing a line of credit at a bank. "The compensating balance increases the effective interest rate to the bank since the net amount loaned is reduced but the interest paid is unchanged".

Base Rate : بنیادی شرح : the interest rate set by the Bank of England for lending to other banks.

Letter Of Credit : بنک کی طرف سے بھیجا ہوا خط : a document issued by a bank that guarantees the payment of a customer's draft; substitutes the bank's credit for the customer's credit.

Cooke, Jay Cooke : امریکی سرمایہ کار : United States financier who marketed Union bonds to finance the American Civil War; the failure of his bank resulted in a financial panic in 1873 (1821-1905).

Mcb : مسلم کمرشل بینک : Muslim Commercial Bank. "She is a MCB worker".

Bean Town, Beantown, Boston, Capital Of Massachusetts, Hub Of The Universe : بوسٹن : state capital and largest city of Massachusetts; a major center for banking and financial services. "Coming Boston was my compulsion".

Acquirer : خریدنے والا : a corporation gaining financial control over another corporation or financial institution through a payment in cash or an exchange of stock.

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Plan for the Establishment of a National Bank.
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