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Barbeque meaning in Urdu

Barbeque Synonyms


Barbeque Definitions

1 of 2) Barbeque, Barbecue : بھنا گوشت : (noun) meat that has been barbecued or grilled in a highly seasoned sauce.

2 of 2) Barbeque, Barbecue, Cook Out : گھر سے باہر گوشت بہوننا : (verb) cook outdoors on a barbecue grill.

Useful Words

Sausage : قیمے کا رول , Biriani : بریانی , Pastrami : بڑا گوشت , Ragout : چٹ پٹا سالن , Spice : مصالحے دار , Espagnole : ایک قسم کی چٹنی , Matelote : شراب میں پکا ہوا مچھلی کا سالن , Porcupine Ball : ایک قسم کا رول , Barbecue Sauce : ایک چٹنی , Cardamom : الائچی , Potpie : گوشت اور ترکاریوں کا ایک مرکب , Well-Done : اچھی طرح سے پکایا ہوا , Griddle : اوون میں پکانا , Fry : تلنا , Chef : باورچی , Overcook : حد سے زیادہ پکانا , Braise : پانی میں پکانا , Broil : بھوننا , Grill : انگیٹھی پر بھوننا , Seasoner : مسالا ڈالنے یا بنانے والا بادرچی , Roaster : بھوننے والا , Coddle : ابالنا , Pressure-Cook : بھاپ کے دباو سے کھانا پکانا , Blanch : ذرا سا پکانا , Poach : ابلتے ہوے پانی میں پکانا , Roast : انگیٹھی یا چولھے پر پکانا , Micro-Cook : اون میں پکانا , Concoct : مرتب کرنا , Whip Up : تیزی سے پکانا تیار کرنا , Precook : جزوی طور پر کھانا پکانا , Stew : ہلکی آنچ پر دیر تک پکانا

Useful Words Definitions

Sausage: highly seasoned minced meat stuffed in casings.

Biriani: an Indian dish made with highly seasoned rice and meat or fish or vegetables.

Pastrami: highly seasoned cut of smoked beef.

Ragout: well-seasoned stew of meat and vegetables.

Spice: the property of being seasoned with spice and so highly flavored.

Espagnole: brown sauce with tomatoes and a caramelized mixture of minced carrots and onions and celery seasoned with Madeira.

Matelote: highly seasoned soup or stew made of freshwater fishes (eel, carp, perch) with wine and stock.

Porcupine Ball: meat patties rolled in rice and simmered in a tomato sauce.

Barbecue Sauce: spicy sweet and sour sauce usually based on catsup or chili sauce.

Cardamom: aromatic seeds used as seasoning like cinnamon and cloves especially in pickles and barbecue sauces.

Potpie: deep-dish meat and vegetable pie or a meat stew with dumplings.

Well-Done: (meat) cooked until there is no pink meat left inside.

Griddle: cook on a griddle.

Fry: cook on a hot surface using fat.

Chef: a professional cook.

Overcook: cook too long.

Braise: cook in liquid.

Broil: cook under a broiler.

Grill: cook over a grill.

Seasoner: a cook who uses seasonings.

Roaster: a cook who roasts food.

Coddle: cook in nearly boiling water.

Pressure-Cook: cook in a pressure cooker.

Blanch: cook (vegetables) briefly.

Poach: cook in a simmering liquid.

Roast: cook with dry heat, usually in an oven.

Micro-Cook: cook or heat in a microwave oven.

Concoct: prepare or cook by mixing ingredients.

Whip Up: prepare or cook quickly or hastily.

Precook: cook beforehand so that the actual preparation won't take long.

Stew: cook slowly and for a long time in liquid.

Related Words

Cookery : کھانا پکانا , Dish : خاص کھانا

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