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Be His : بے حِس

1. Apathetic, Indifferent : بے پروا - بے حس : marked by a lack of interest.

2. Hardhearted, Stonyhearted, Unfeeling : احساس سے خالی - بے حس : devoid of feeling for others.

3. Impassive, Stolid : جذبات ظاہر نہ کرنا - مٹھا - بے حس : having or revealing little emotion or sensibility; not easily aroused or excited.

Unemotional - unsusceptible to or destitute of or showing no emotion.

4. Emotionless, Passionless : بے حس - بے احساس : unmoved by feeling.

5. Forgetful, Mindless, Unmindful : بے حس - لاپروا - غافل : (adjective) not mindful or attentive.

Heedfulness, Mindfulness - the trait of staying aware of (paying close attention to) your responsibilities.

6. Apathetic : بے حس : showing little or no emotion or animation.

Spiritless - lacking ardor or vigor or energy.

Related Words

Be His Kar Dena : Besot : make dull or stupid or muddle with drunkenness or infatuation.

Be Hisaab : Innumerous : too numerous to be counted. "Incalculable riches"

Useful Words

Ehsas, Shugal : Interest : a diversion that occupies one`s time and thoughts (usually pleasantly). "His main pastime is friendship with girls"

Tafreeh, Faida : Interest : a reason for wanting something done. "Died for the sake of his country"

Mafad, Dilchaspi, Dilchaspi, Chonay Ka Ehsas, Khayal : Feeling : a vague idea in which some confidence is placed. "His impression of her was favorable"

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