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بے قابُو : Be Qabu Meaning in English

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1 of 9) بے قابو قابو سے باہر : Beyond Control Out Of Hand : (adverb) out of control.

2 of 9) بے قابو ناقابل کنٹرول : Indomitable Never-Say-Die Unsubduable : (satellite adjective) impossible to subdue.

3 of 9) بے قابو غیر تربیت یافتہ : Unguided : (adjective) not subject to guidance or control after launching.

4 of 9) بے قابو کھلا ہوا : Unrestrained : (adjective) not subject to restraint.

5 of 9) بے قابو : Intractable : (adjective) not tractable; difficult to manage or mold.

6 of 9) بے قابو : Runaway : (satellite adjective) completely out of control.

7 of 9) دیوانہ بے قابو : Delirious Excited Frantic Mad Unrestrained : (satellite adjective) marked by uncontrolled excitement or emotion.

8 of 9) بے قابو دشوار : Difficult Unmanageable : (adjective) hard to control.

9 of 9) بیقرار بے قابو بے چین : Restive : (satellite adjective) impatient especially under restriction or delay.

Useful Words

رہائی : Emancipation , قابو میں : In Hand , لاقانونیت والا : Anarchic , حاوی ہونا : Dominate , قابو میں ہونا : Contained , آلہ : Appliance , غیر ارادی : Involuntary , فرماں بردار بن جانا : Submit , پھسلنا : Skid , قابو میں رکھنا : Hold Back , منصب سنبھالنا : Take Charge , قابو کرنا : Rein , وفاقی حکومت کے کنٹرول میں ہونے کا عمل : Federalisation , آزادی : Independence , پیشاب وغیرہ پر قابو نہ پاسکنا : Incontinent , محدود رکھنا : Crucify , غلامی : Bondage , ٹھیکہ لے لینا : Monopolise , جس کو قابو نہ کیا جاسکے : Irrepressible , قابو پانے کا عمل : Repression , غالب : Controlling , اعلی رتبہ : Upper Hand , چھوڑ دینا : Cede , اضطراری : Automatic , لگام سنبھالنا : Draw Rein , اثر : Dominant , اوسان خطا ہو جانا : Break Down , عصبی مرکز : Nerve Center , کسی چیز پر کامل اختیار ہونا : Monopoly , کمپیوٹر سے کنٹرول کرنے کا عمل : Computerization , گاڑی چلانا : Drive

Useful Words Definitions

Emancipation: freeing someone from the control of another; especially a parent's relinquishing authority and control over a minor child.

In Hand: under control.

Anarchic: without law or control.

Dominate: be in control.

Contained: gotten under control.

Appliance: a device or control that is very useful for a particular job.

Involuntary: not subject to the control of the will.

Submit: yield to the control of another.

Skid: slide without control.

Hold Back: keep under control; keep in check.

Take Charge: assume control.

Rein: any means of control.

Federalisation: the state of being under federal control.

Independence: freedom from control or influence of another or others.

Incontinent: not having control over urination and defecation.

Crucify: hold within limits and control.

Bondage: the state of being under the control of another person.

Monopolise: have and control fully and exclusively.

Irrepressible: impossible to repress or control.

Repression: the act of repressing; control by holding down.

Controlling: able to control or determine policy.

Upper Hand: position of advantage and control.

Cede: relinquish possession or control over.

Automatic: without volition or conscious control.

Draw Rein: control and direct with or as if by reins.

Dominant: exercising influence or control.

Break Down: lose control of one`s emotions.

Nerve Center: a center that provides information and control.

Monopoly: exclusive control or possession of something.

Computerization: the control of processes by computer.

Drive: operate or control a vehicle.

Related Words

ناقابل فتح : Unconquerable , بےباک : Defiant , خود مختار : Free , آزاد کے ساتھ : Uninhibited , بے صبرا : Impatient , بے حد : Excessive , بے لگام : Unbridled , بلا مزاحمت : Unhampered , ضدی : Obstinate , جنگلی : Untamed , ڈھیٹ : Balking , ڈھیٹ : Refractory

Close Words

درمیان : Amid , بہترین نہایت عمدہ : K1 , بے ادب : Fresh , بے ادبی : Blasphemy , گستاخی : Boldness , بے چین : Restless , بے چارہ : Helpless , بے چینی : Malaise , بے دخلی کا عمل : Ejection , بھدا : Awkward , مست : Carefree

Close Words Definitions

Amid: Surrounded by; in the middle of.

K1: The best, awesome.

Fresh: improperly forward or bold.

Blasphemy: blasphemous behavior; the act of depriving something of its sacred character.

Boldness: impudent aggressiveness.

Restless: worried and uneasy.

Helpless: unable to function; without help.

Malaise: physical discomfort (as mild sickness or depression).

Ejection: the act of forcing out someone or something.

Awkward: not elegant or graceful in expression.

Carefree: cheerfully irresponsible.

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