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بے قابُو : Be Qabu Meaning in English

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1 of 9) بے قابو ناقابل کنٹرول : Indomitable Never-Say-Die Unsubduable : (satellite adjective) impossible to subdue.

2 of 9) بے قابو کھلا ہوا : Unrestrained : (adjective) not subject to restraint.

3 of 9) بے قابو غیر تربیت یافتہ : Unguided : (adjective) not subject to guidance or control after launching.

4 of 9) بے قابو قابو سے باہر : Beyond Control Out Of Hand : (adverb) out of control.

5 of 9) بے قابو : Intractable : (adjective) not tractable; difficult to manage or mold.

6 of 9) بے قابو : Runaway : (satellite adjective) completely out of control.

7 of 9) دیوانہ بے قابو : Delirious Excited Frantic Mad Unrestrained : (satellite adjective) marked by uncontrolled excitement or emotion.

8 of 9) بے قابو دشوار : Difficult Unmanageable : (adjective) hard to control.

9 of 9) بیقرار بے قابو بے چین : Restive : (satellite adjective) impatient especially under restriction or delay.

Useful Words

ناممکن : Impossible : something that cannot be done. "This is impossible".

نہیں : Non : negation of a word or group of words. "Will not go like that".

ممانعت : Restraint : the act of controlling by restraining someone or something. "The unlawful restraint of trade".

زیر اثر رکھنا : Keep Down : put down by force or intimidation. "You will have to go through a solicitor to stand any chance of having the conviction quashed".

موضوع : Subject : the subject matter of a conversation or discussion. "Today`s theme is how God`s law enforced on earth".

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