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Bean Curd meaning in Urdu

Bean Curd Synonym

Bean Curd Definitions

1) Bean Curd, Tofu : ایک قسم کا کھانا : (noun) cheeselike food made of curdled soybean milk.


Useful Words

Cheese : پنیر , Soya Milk : سویابین ملا دودھ , Curd : کھویا , Yoghourt : دہی , Buttermilk : لسی , Goa Bean : ایک پھلی , Broad Bean : موٹی سیم , Green Bean : لوبیا , Kidney Bean : پھلی , Broad Bean : چارے کا پودہ , Bush Bean : سیم کی پھلی , Shell Bean : پھلی , Legume : ایک قسم کی پھلی , Lima Bean : پھلی کا پودا , Common Bean : لوبیا کا پودا , Kidney : گردہ , Jumping Bean : ایک قسم کی پھلی , Coumara Nut : ٹونکا پھلی , Frijol : لوبیا , Vegetable : سبزی , Golden Gram : مونگ کی دال , Algarroba : خرنوب , Ablactation : ماں کا دودھ چھڑا کر کوئی دوسری غذا شروع کرانے کا عمل , Porridge : دلیہ , Caseous : پلپلا , Vernix : پردہ جنین , Milch : دودھ دینے والی , Whey : دودھ دہی کا پانی , Lactic : دودھ سے متعلق , Skim : بالائی اترا ہوا , Soy : سویابین

Useful Words Definitions

Cheese: a solid food prepared from the pressed curd of milk.

Soya Milk: a milk substitute containing soybean flour and water; used in some infant formulas and in making tofu.

Curd: a coagulated liquid resembling milk curd.

Yoghourt: a custard-like food made from curdled milk.

Buttermilk: residue from making butter from sour raw milk; or pasteurized milk curdled by adding a culture.

Goa Bean: Old World tropical bean.

Broad Bean: seed of the broad-bean plant.

Green Bean: immature bean pod eaten as a vegetable.

Kidney Bean: large dark red bean; usually dried.

Broad Bean: a bean plant cultivated for use animal fodder.

Bush Bean: a bean plant whose bushy growth needs no supports.

Shell Bean: a bean plant grown primarily for its edible seed rather than its pod.

Legume: an erect or climbing bean or pea plant of the family Leguminosae.

Lima Bean: bush or tall-growing bean plant having large flat edible seeds.

Common Bean: the common annual twining or bushy bean plant grown for its edible seeds or pods.

Kidney: either of two bean-shaped excretory organs that filter wastes (especially urea) from the blood and excrete them and water in urine.

Jumping Bean: seed of Mexican shrubs of the genus Sebastiana containing the larva of a moth whose movements cause the bean to jerk or tumble.

Coumara Nut: fragrant black nutlike seeds of the tonka bean tree; used in perfumes and medicines and as a substitute for vanilla.

Frijol: the common bean plant grown for the beans rather than the pods (especially a variety with large red kidney-shaped beans).

Vegetable: any of various herbaceous plants cultivated for an edible part such as the fruit or the root of the beet or the leaf of spinach or the seeds of bean plants or the flower buds of broccoli or cauliflower.

Golden Gram: erect bushy annual widely cultivated in warm regions of India and Indonesia and United States for forage and especially its edible seeds; chief source of bean sprouts used in Chinese cookery; sometimes placed in genus Phaseolus.

Algarroba: long pod containing small beans and sweetish edible pulp; used as animal feed and source of a chocolate substitute.

Locust bean benefits : Good source of protein and vitamins, reduces the risk of cancer, can control diabetes, good for heart health, boost energy levels, good for weight loss. .

Ablactation: the act of substituting other food for the mother's milk in the diet of a child or young mammal.

Porridge: soft food made by boiling oatmeal or other meal or legumes in water or milk until thick.

Caseous: of damaged or necrotic tissue; cheeselike.

Vernix: a white cheeselike protective material that covers the skin of a fetus.

Milch: giving milk; bred or suitable primarily for milk production.

Whey: watery part of milk produced when raw milk sours and coagulates.

Lactic: of or relating to or obtained from milk (especially sour milk or whey).

Skim: used of milk and milk products from which the cream has been removed.

Soy: the most highly proteinaceous vegetable known; the fruit of the soybean plant is used in a variety of foods and as fodder (especially as a replacement for animal protein).

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