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Benevolent meaning in Urdu

Benevolent Sentences

A benevolent society of Karachi.
A benevolent contributor.

Benevolent Synonyms


Benevolent Definitions

1 of 4) Benevolent : مہربان : (adjective) intending or showing kindness.

A benevolent person.

2 of 4) Benevolent, Charitable, Good-Hearted, Kindly, Large-Hearted, Openhearted, Sympathetic : لطیف, ہمدردانہ, مشفقانہ : (satellite adjective) showing or motivated by sympathy and understanding and generosity.

3 of 4) Benevolent, Freehearted : سخی : (satellite adjective) generous in providing aid to others.

4 of 4) Benevolent, Beneficent, Eleemosynary, Philanthropic : سخی, فیاض : (satellite adjective) generous in assistance to the poor.

Useful Words

Benefaction : بھلائی , Benevolently : فیاضی سے , Ahura : دیوی دیوتا , Healthy : دماغی طور پر متوازن , Tasteful : ذائقہ میں اچھا , Serious-Minded : سنجیدہ , Sensibleness : ادراک , Half-Heartedly : بے دلی کے ساتھ , Aegis : سرپرستی , Cowardly : بزدلانہ , Brotherly Love : رحم دلی , Helpfulness : ہمدردی , Intention : نیت , Charitably : مخیرانہ , Benevolence : فیاضی , Algarroba : خرنوب , Altruist : انسان دوست , Favor : مہربانی , Unkind : بے رحم , Bound : کسی جگہ جانے والا , Salvation Army : مکتی فوج , Unkindly : سخت , Good Will : کرم , Kindly : شفقت سے , Benign : شفیق , Avuncular : چچا یا ماموں کی طرح , Cordial Reception : مہمان نوازی , Morality : اخلاقیات , Loving-Kindness : محبت آمیز مہربانی , Good : اچھا , Benignant : شفیق

Useful Words Definitions

Benefaction: an act intending or showing kindness and good will.

Benevolently: in a benevolent manner.

Ahura: (Zoroastrianism) title for benevolent deities.

Healthy: exercising or showing good judgment.

Tasteful: having or showing or conforming to good taste.

Serious-Minded: acting with or showing thought and good sense.

Sensibleness: the quality of showing good sense or practical judgment.

Half-Heartedly: without enthusiasm; in a half-hearted manner.

Aegis: kindly endorsement and guidance.

Cowardly: lacking courage; ignobly timid and faint-hearted.

Brotherly Love: a kindly and lenient attitude toward people.

Helpfulness: friendliness evidence by a kindly and helpful disposition.

Intention: an act of intending; a volition that you intend to carry out.

Charitably: in a charitable manner.

Benevolence: an inclination to do kind or charitable acts.

Algarroba: long pod containing small beans and sweetish edible pulp; used as animal feed and source of a chocolate substitute.

Locust bean benefits : Good source of protein and vitamins, reduces the risk of cancer, can control diabetes, good for heart health, boost energy levels, good for weight loss. .

Altruist: someone who makes charitable donations intended to increase human well-being.

Favor: an act of gracious kindness.

Unkind: lacking kindness.

Bound: headed or intending to head in a certain direction; often used as a combining form as in `college-bound students'.

Salvation Army: a charitable and religious organization to evangelize and to care for the poor and homeless.

Unkindly: lacking in sympathy and kindness.

Good Will: a disposition to kindness and compassion.

Kindly: in a kind manner or out of kindness.

Benign: kindness of disposition or manner.

Avuncular: resembling a uncle in kindness or indulgence.

Cordial Reception: kindness in welcoming guests or strangers.

Morality: concern with the distinction between good and evil or right and wrong; right or good conduct.

Loving-Kindness: tender kindness motivated by a feeling of affection.

Good: (often used as a combining form) in a good or proper or satisfactory manner or to a high standard (`good` is a nonstandard dialectal variant for `well`).

Benignant: characterized by kindness and warm courtesy especially of a king to his subjects.

Related Words

Generous : فراغ دلانہ , Kind : مہربان

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