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Beset   Meaning in Urdu

1. Beset - Chevvy - Chevy - Chivvy - Chivy - Harass - Harry - Hassle - Molest - Plague - Provoke : ہراساں کرنا : (verb) annoy continually or chronically.

Goad, Needle - goad or provoke,as by constant criticism.

2. Beset - Set Upon : ہر طرف سے حملہ کرنا : (verb) assail or attack on all sides:.

The zebra was beset by leopards.

Assail, Assault, Attack, Set On - attack someone physically or emotionally.

Beset in Book Titles

Facts and Opinions: Or, Dangers that Beset Us.
Beset: The Pursuit of Happiness in Times of Crisis.

Useful Words

All - Altogether - Completely - Entirely - Totally - Whole - Wholly : پوری طرح : to a complete degree or to the full or entire extent (`whole' is often used informally for `wholly'). "He was wholly convinced"

Annoy - Bother - Chafe - Devil - Get At - Get To - Gravel - Irritate - Nark - Nettle - Rag - Rile - Vex : پریشان کرنا : cause annoyance in; disturb, especially by minor irritations. "Didn`t I bother you?"

Assail - Assault - Attack - Set On : حملہ کرنا : attack someone physically or emotionally. "The mugger assaulted the woman"

Attack - Onrush - Onset - Onslaught : حملہ کرنا : (military) an offensive against an enemy (using weapons). "The attack began at dawn"

Chronically - Inveterate : عادتاً طویل عرصے سے : in a habitual and longstanding manner. "Smoking chronically"

Continually : تسلسل سے : seemingly without interruption. "Complained continually that there wasn't enough money"

Side : طرف داری کرنا : take sides for or against. "Who are you widing with?"

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