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1 of 5) Bird : پرندہ Parinda : (noun) warm-blooded egg-laying vertebrates characterized by feathers and forelimbs modified as wings.

He wants to kill two birds with one stone.
Which bird`s eggs are these?

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2 of 5) Bird : پرندے کا گوشت Parinday Ka Gusht : (noun) the flesh of a bird or fowl (wild or domestic) used as food.

English Synonym(s) : Fowl

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3 of 5) Bird : چھوکری Chokri : (noun) informal terms for a (young) woman.

Urdu Synonym(s) : لڑکی Larki

English Synonym(s) : Chick Dame Doll Skirt Wench

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4 of 5) Bird : اوو Owl : (noun) a cry or noise made to express displeasure or contempt.

Urdu Synonym(s) : ناگواری کی آواز Nagawari Ki Awaz

English Synonym(s) : Boo Bronx Cheer Hiss Hoot Raspberry Razz Razzing Snort

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5 of 5) Bird : شٹل Shuttle : (noun) badminton equipment consisting of a ball of cork or rubber with a crown of feathers.

Urdu Synonym(s) : بیڈمنٹن کی چڑیا Badmantan Ki Churia

English Synonym(s) : Birdie Shuttle Shuttlecock

Bird in Book Titles

Bird by Bird: some instructions on writing and life.
Birds of Maine Field Guide.
Bird Nests and Construction Behaviour.

Useful Words

Domestic Domestic Help House Servant : گھریلو ملازم Gharelo Mulazim : a servant who is paid to perform menial tasks around the household. "My house servant was very lazy"

Egg : انڈا Anda : animal reproductive body consisting of an ovum or embryo together with nutritive and protective envelopes; especially the thin-shelled reproductive body laid by e.g. female birds. "Peel off the eggs shell"

Feather Plumage Plume : پر Par : the light horny waterproof structure forming the external covering of birds.

Anatomy Bod Build Chassis Figure Flesh Form Frame Human Body Material Body Physical Body Physique Shape Soma : جسم Jisim : alternative names for the body of a human being. "Leonardo studied the human body"

Food Solid Food : کھانا Khana : any solid substance (as opposed to liquid) that is used as a source of nourishment. "What`s for food ?"

Fowl : پرندوں کا شکار Parindon Ka Shikar : hunt fowl.

Egg Laying Laying : انڈوں کی پیداوار Andaoun Ki Pidawar : the production of eggs (especially in birds).

Exploited Ill-Used Put-Upon Used Victimised Victimized : متاثرہ شخص Mutasra Shakhs : of persons; taken advantage of. "After going out of his way to help his friend get the job he felt not appreciated but used"

Craniate Vertebrate : کھوپڑی والا جانور Khopri Wala Janwar : animals having a bony or cartilaginous skeleton with a segmented spinal column and a large brain enclosed in a skull or cranium.

Warm : گرم Garam : having or producing a comfortable and agreeable degree of heat or imparting or maintaining heat. "A warm body"

Crazy Dotty Gaga Wild : کسی کے پیچھے پاگل Kisi Kay Peechay Pagal : intensely enthusiastic about or preoccupied with. "He is wild about me"

Wing : پر Par : a movable organ for flying (one of a pair).

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