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1 of 3) Bitterness : تعصب Tasab : (noun) a feeling of deep and bitter anger and ill-will.

Urdu Synonym(s) : حسد Hasad جلن Jalan

English Synonym(s) : Gall Rancor Rancour Resentment

Related : Ill Will Heartburning Sulkiness


3 of 3) Bitterness : کڑواہٹ Karwahat : (noun) the taste experience when quinine or coffee is taken into the mouth.

Urdu Synonym(s) : کڑوا Karwa

English Synonym(s) : Bitter

Related : Taste Sensation

Useful Words

Anger Choler Ire : غصہ Gussa : a strong emotion; a feeling that is oriented toward some real or supposed grievance. "Such anger is not good"

Bitingly Bitter Bitterly Piercingly : چیرتے ہوئے Cheertay Hue : extremely and sharply. "Bitter sunshine"

Deep : گہرا Gehra : the central and most intense or profound part. "Since he lost the job he is always lost in deep thoughts"

Feeling : احساس Ehsas : the experiencing of affective and emotional states. "It`s a matter of feeling"

Ill Sick : علیل Aleel : affected by an impairment of normal physical or mental function. "If she hadn`t been sick"

Manner Personal Manner : ڈھنگ Dhang : a way of acting or behaving. "They don`t have manners to speak ?"

Rough Rough In Rough Out : خاکہ تیار کرنا Khaka Tayyar Karna : prepare in preliminary or sketchy form.

Volition Will : مرضی Marzi : the capability of conscious choice and decision and intention. "I went there on your wish"

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