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تلخ : Talkh Meaning in English

Talkh Sentences

Talkh Synonyms


Talkh in Detail

1 of 4) تلخ : Acrimonious Bitter : (satellite adjective) marked by strong resentment or cynicism.

2 of 4) تلخی کڑوا تلخ : Acerb Acerbic Acid Acrid Bitter Blistering Caustic Sulfurous Sulphurous Virulent Vitriolic : (satellite adjective) harsh or corrosive in tone.

3 of 4) تلخ بھیانک : Black Grim Mordant : (satellite adjective) harshly ironic or sinister.

4 of 4) تلخ : Abrasive Harsh : (satellite adjective) sharply disagreeable; rigorous.

Useful Words

تند و تیز : Acrid , کڑوا : Acerb , تعصب : Bitterness , نمایاں : Marked , ناقابل تسخیر : Impregnable , طاقت ور : Forcible , مضبوط : Strong , دھونس جمانا : Ballyrag , معیاری : Solid , راسخ عقیدہ : Article Of Faith , غنڈہ : Goon , کسی شخص کی خاص صلاحیت : Forte , تیزی سے پھیلنے والا : Aggressive , تباہ کن : Corrosive , سخت : Harsh , آواز : Tone

Useful Words Definitions

Acrid: strong and sharp.

Acerb: sour or bitter in taste.

Bitterness: a feeling of deep and bitter anger and ill-will.

Marked: strongly marked; easily noticeable.

Impregnable: immune to attack; incapable of being tampered with.

Forcible: impelled by physical force especially against resistance.

Strong: having strength or power greater than average or expected.

Ballyrag: be bossy towards.

Solid: of good quality and condition; solidly built.

Article Of Faith: an unshakable belief in something without need for proof or evidence.

Goon: an aggressive and violent young criminal.

Forte: an asset of special worth or utility.

Aggressive: tending to spread quickly.

Corrosive: spitefully sarcastic.

Harsh: unpleasantly stern.

Tone: the quality of a person`s voice.

Related Words

عدم اتفاق : Disagreeable , خفا : Resentful , ناپسندیدہ : Unpleasant , طنزیہ : Sarcastic

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