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1) Blush Wine, Pink Wine, Rose, Rose Wine : گلابی مائل شراب : (noun) pinkish table wine from red grapes whose skins were removed after fermentation began.

Related : Wine : fermented juice (of grapes especially).

Useful Words

At First Blush, When First Seen : پہلی دفعہ میں : as a first impression. "At first blush she seemed attractive".

Blush, Crimson, Flush, Redden : شرم سے چہرا سرخ ہونا : turn red, as if in embarrassment or shame. "I was blushing when she approached me and said I love you".

Dessert Wine : میٹھی شراب : still sweet wine often served with dessert or after a meal.

Port, Port Wine : ایک پرتگالی شراب : sweet dark-red dessert wine originally from Portugal. "Did you try port wine?".

Hock, Rhenish, Rhine Wine : سفید الکحل : any of several white wines from the Rhine River valley in Germany (`hock` is British usage).

Straw Wine : آدھ پکے انگوروں کی شراب : sweet wine from grapes partially sun-dried on the vine or on straw mats.

Vino, Wine : شراب : fermented juice (of grapes especially). "Raw wine".

Cellar, Wine Cellar : شراب کا گودام : storage space where wines are stored.

Wine Maker, Winery : شراب کی فیکٹری : distillery where wine is made.

Sommelier, Wine Steward, Wine Waiter : کسی ریسٹوران میں شراب پلانے والا : a waiter who manages wine service in a hotel or restaurant.

Sauterne, Sauternes : ایک قسم کی میز : semisweet golden-colored table or dessert wine from around Bordeaux in France; similar wine from California.

Common Grape Vine, Vinifera, Vinifera Grape, Vitis Vinifera : مختلف رنگوں کے یورپی انگور : common European grape cultivated in many varieties; chief source of Old World wine and table grapes.

Magnum : شراب کی بڑی بوتل : a large wine bottle for liquor or wine.

Vinery, Vineyard : انگور کی بیل کا کھیت : a farm of grapevines where wine grapes are produced.

Tokay : ایک خوشبودار شراب : Hungarian wine made from Tokay grapes.

Crewet, Cruet : شیشی : bottle that holds wine or oil or vinegar for the table.

Chianti : اطالوی شراب : dry red Italian table wine from the Chianti region of Tuscany.

Winey, Winy : شراب جیسا زائقہ : having the taste of wine. "A rich winy taste".

Enology, Oenology : شراب بنانے کا فن : the art of wine making.

Oenomel : شراب اور شہد : wine mixed with honey.

Enologist, Fermentologist, Oenologist : شراب بنانے کا ماہر : a specialist in wine making.

Sillabub, Syllabub : مشروب کا رس : spiced hot milk with rum or wine.

Zinfandel : کیلوفورینا میں اگنے والے کالے انگور سے کشید کی گئی لال شراب : dry fruity red wine from California.

Bota : شراب کی بوتل : a wine bottle made of leather.

Madeira : ایک قسم کی شراب : an amber dessert wine from the Madeira Islands.

Offertory : چڑھاوا : the part of the Eucharist when bread and wine are offered to God.

Double-Magnum, Jeroboam : شراب کی بڑی بوتل : a large wine bottle (holds 4/5 of a gallon).

Carafe, Decanter : صراحی : a bottle with a stopper; for serving wine or water.

Brandy : پھلوں کی شراب : distilled from wine or fermented fruit juice.

Bacchus : شراب کا دیوتا قدیم یونان میں : (classical mythology) god of wine; equivalent of Dionysus.

Bistro : غیر رسمی ہوٹل : a small informal restaurant; serves wine.

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