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Booster meaning in Urdu

Booster Sentence

I have to sale my booster amplifier.

Booster Synonyms


Booster Definitions

1 of 4) Booster, Lifter, Shoplifter : دکان چور, دکان سے سامان چوری کرنے والا : (noun) a thief who steals goods that are in a store.

2 of 4) Booster, Admirer, Champion, Friend, Protagonist, Supporter : جیالہ, مداح : (noun) a person who backs a politician or a team etc.

3 of 4) Booster, Plugger, Promoter : وکیل, ترقی دینے والا, بڑھانے والا : (noun) someone who is an active supporter and advocate.

4 of 4) Booster, Booster Amplifier, Booster Station, Relay Link, Relay Station, Relay Transmitter : بڑھانے والا : (noun) an amplifier for restoring the strength of a transmitted signal.

Useful Words

Pilferer : چوری کرنے والا شخص , Robber : ڈاکو , Cutpurse : جیب کترا , Shoplifting : دکان میں چوری کا عمل , Supermarket : کریانے کی ایک بڑی دکان جہاں کریانے کے سامان کے ساتھ اور چیزیں بھی ملتی ہیں , Display Window : سامان بیچنے کی کھڑکی , Buff : مرید , Cattle Thief : مویشی چرانے والا , Anglophil : انگریزیت کا طرفدار , Highjacker : رہزن , Holdup Man : ڈکیت , Snatcher : چھینے والا , Thievishly : چوری سے , Smuggling : غیر قانونی طور پر اشیا کی درآمد برآمد کرنا , Bandit : مسلح ڈاکو , Burglar : چور , Ganef : چور , Hive : جمع کرنا , Ensile : چارے کو ذخیرہ کرنا , Bin : ڈبے میں رکھنا , Garage : گیراج میں رکھنا , Shoplift : دکان میں چوری کرنا , Food Market : کریانہ کی دوکان , Clothing Store : مردانہ سامان فروخت کرنے کی جگہ , Greengrocery : سبزی کی دکان , Perfumery : عطار خانہ , Artificial Lake : تالاب , Cache : تجوری , Bottle : بوتل میں رکھنا , Tuck Shop : میٹھائی کی دکان , Foodstuff : سودا

Useful Words Definitions

Pilferer: a thief who steals without using violence.

Robber: a thief who steals from someone by threatening violence.

Cutpurse: a thief who steals from the pockets or purses of others in public places.

Shoplifting: the act of stealing goods that are on display in a store.

Supermarket: a large self-service grocery store selling groceries and dairy products and household goods.

Display Window: a window of a store facing onto the street; used to display merchandise for sale in the store.

Buff: an ardent follower and admirer.

Cattle Thief: someone who steals livestock (especially cattle).

Anglophil: an admirer of England and things English.

Highjacker: a holdup man who stops a vehicle and steals from it.

Holdup Man: an armed thief.

Snatcher: a thief who grabs and runs.

Thievishly: in a manner characteristic of a thief.

Smuggling: secretly importing prohibited goods or goods on which duty is due.

Bandit: an armed thief who is (usually) a member of a band.

Burglar: a thief who enters a building with intent to steal.

Ganef: (Yiddish) a thief or dishonest person or scoundrel (often used as a general term of abuse).

Hive: store, like bees.

Ensile: store in a silo.

Bin: store in bins.

Garage: keep or store in a garage.

Shoplift: steal in a store.

Food Market: a grocer`s business or store.

Clothing Store: a store where men's clothes are sold.

Greengrocery: a greengrocer`s grocery store.

Perfumery: store where perfumes are sold.

Artificial Lake: lake used to store water for community use.

Cache: a secret store of valuables or money.

Bottle: store (liquids or gases) in bottles.

Tuck Shop: a candy store in Great Britain.

Foodstuff: consumer items sold in a grocery store .

Related Words

Amplifier : بڑھانے کا آلہ یا مشین , Communication Equipment : پیغام پھیلانے کا نظام , Adman : تشہیر کرنے والا , Advocate : کسی بات کی وکالت کرنے والا , Barker : خریدار کو آواز سے متوجہ کرنے والا , Believer : یقین رکھنے والا , Enthusiast : پکا حامی , Free Trader : آزاد تجارت کا حامی , Stealer : چور

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