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Bounden meaning in Urdu

Bounden Sentence

My bounden duty.

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Bounden in Detail

1) Bounden : اخلاقی طورپر ضروری : (satellite adjective) morally obligatory.

Related : Obligatory : morally or legally constraining or binding.

Useful Words

Imposed : لاگو کیا گیا : set forth authoritatively as obligatory. "The imposed taxation".

Obligatorily : لازمی طور سے : in an obligatory manner. "This rule applies obligatorily".

Ask, Expect, Require : امید کرنا : consider obligatory; request and expect. "An employee od the bank was considered very respectable but when he stole a huge amount from the bank and got caught so the manager called him and said that I did not expect this from you".

Blackguard, Bounder, Cad, Dog, Heel, Hound : نیچ آدمی : someone who is morally reprehensible. "Shut up you dirty dog".

Seamy, Seedy, Sleazy, Sordid, Squalid : گھٹیا : morally degraded. "A seedy district".

Despicable, Slimy, Ugly, Unworthy, Vile, Worthless, Wretched : گھناونا : morally reprehensible. "He has despicable behavior".

Evil : برا : morally bad or wrong. "Evil purposes".

Righteous : دیانتدار : morally justified. "Righteous indignation".

Unlawful : ناجائز : not morally right or permissible. "Unlawful love".

Evil, Immorality, Iniquity, Wickedness : بدکرداری : morally objectionable behavior.

Wicked : خبیث : morally bad in principle or practice. "He is a wicked and greedy man".