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Bread And Butter meaning in Urdu

Bread And Butter Sentence

He is working hard for bread and butter.

Bread And Butter Synonyms


Bread And Butter Definitions

1) Bread And Butter, Keep, Livelihood, Living, Support, Sustenance : روزی روٹی : (noun) the financial means whereby one lives.

Useful Words

Butyraceous : مکھن کی طرح , Butter : مکھن لگانا , Buttery : مکھن لگا , Shortbread : مکھن وغیرہ تیار کیا گیا موٹا کلچہ , Ghee : گھی , Hollandaise : انڈے مکھن کا مشروب , Bechamel : سفید چٹنی , Baked Egg : ایک قسم کا انڈا , Succotash : مکئ کے ابلے ھوئے بھٹوں اور سفید لوبیے پر مشتمل ایک پکوان , Churn : گھمانا , Creamery : مکھن اور پنیر بنانے کا کارخانہ , Breadbasket : ڈلیا , Sandwich : ایک نمکین ڈش , Baker : نانبائی , Toast : ڈبل روٹی کا سینکا ہوا ٹکڑا , Bread-Bin : روٹی یا کیک رکھنے والا ڈبہ , Crumb : ڈبل روٹی کا چورا لگانا , Caramel : کیرامل , Praline : میووں کی مٹھائیاں , Club Sandwich : سہ پرتی سینڈوچ , Brown Bread : چکی کی روٹی , Breadcrumb : روٹی کا چورہ , Crumb : ڈبل روٹی کا چورا , Tandoor : روٹی وغیرہ پکانے کی بھٹی , Toaster : ٹوسٹر , Gem : پیالہ نما بسکٹ , Offertory : چڑھاوا , Simnel : اعلی قسم کے گندمی میدے کی روٹی , Loaf : کسی کھانے کی چیز کی مقدار یا حصہ , Bittersweet Chocolate : کالی چاکلیٹ , Loaf : ڈبل روٹی یا روٹی کا ٹکڑا

Useful Words Definitions

Butyraceous: having the qualities of butter or yielding or containing a substance like butter.

Butter: spread butter on.

Buttery: resembling or containing or spread with butter.

Shortbread: very rich thick butter cookie.

Ghee: clarified butter used in Indian cookery.

Hollandaise: eggs and butter with lemon juice.

Bechamel: milk thickened with a butter and flour roux.

Baked Egg: egg cooked individually in cream or butter in a small ramekin.

Succotash: fresh corn and lima beans with butter or cream.

Churn: stir (cream) vigorously in order to make butter.

Creamery: a workplace where dairy products (butter and cheese etc.) are produced or sold.

Breadbasket: a basket for serving bread.

Sandwich: two (or more) slices of bread with a filling between them.

Baker: someone who bakes bread or cake.

Toast: slices of bread that have been toasted.

Bread-Bin: a container used to keep bread or cake in.

Crumb: coat with bread crumbs.

Caramel: firm chewy candy made from caramelized sugar and butter and milk.

Praline: cookie-sized candy made of brown sugar and butter and pecans.

Club Sandwich: made with three slices of usually toasted bread.

Brown Bread: bread made with whole wheat flour.

Breadcrumb: crumb of bread; used especially for coating or thickening.

Crumb: small piece of e.g. bread or cake.

Tandoor: a fireroom where bread or roti etc are baked.

Toaster: a kitchen appliance (usually electric) for toasting bread.

Gem: a sweet quick bread baked in a cup-shaped pan.

Offertory: the part of the Eucharist when bread and wine are offered to God.

Simnel: a crisp bread of fine white flour.

Loaf: a quantity of food (other than bread) formed in a particular shape.

Bittersweet Chocolate: chocolate liquor with cocoa butter and small amounts of sugar and vanilla; lecithin is usually added.

Loaf: a shaped mass of baked bread that is usually sliced before eating.

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