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محصول : Mehsool Meaning in English

Mehsool in Sentence

You are taxing my patience.

Mehsool Synonyms


Mehsool in Detail

1 of 3) محصول لگان ٹیکس : Revenue Enhancement Tax Taxation : (noun) charge against a citizen`s person or property or activity for the support of government.

3 of 3) محصول چنگی : Toll : (verb) charge a fee for using.

Useful Words

پھاٹک جہاں محصول لیا جاۓ : Tollbar , ٹیکس لگانا : Assess , حکومت کی کل داخلی آمدنی : Internal Revenue , منتخب نمائندہ : Constituent , خزانہ کا کوئی رکن : Revenuer , دوسرے پر انحصار کرنےوالا : Dependant , وراثت : Heirloom , وزارت داخلہ : Home Office , دو قبیلوں وغیرہ کے لوگوں کے درمیان ازدواجی تعلق : Exogamy , جائیداد عامہ : Public Property , افسر اعلی : Chief , تمام شہری حقوق سے محروم شخص : Attainder , تنخواہ بانٹنے والا : Paymaster , کسی ڈاکخانہ کا افسر : Postmaster , ریل کے اسٹیشن کا نگران افسر : Station Agent , حمایت کرنا : Confirm , جوابی الزام : Countercharge , دستاویزات محافظ کرنے والا : Archivist , بڑی نرس : Head Nurse , کسی پیشے سے منسلک کوئی شخص : Wallah , قیدیوں کا نگران : Warder , کرسی : Chair , مالی امداد : Aid , تکیہ : Pillow , محصول پل : Toll Bridge , الزام دہی : Accusal , شریک : Associate , وقف کرنا : Commit , محصول خانہ : Tolbooth , پکا حامی : Enthusiast , مشغلہ پسند : Hobbyist

Useful Words Definitions

Tollbar: a gate or bar across a toll bridge or toll road which is lifted when the toll is paid.

Assess: charge (a person or a property) with a payment, such as a tax or a fine.

Internal Revenue: government revenue from domestic sources (excluding customs).

Constituent: a member of a constituency; a citizen who is represented in a government by officials for whom he or she votes.

Revenuer: a government agent responsible for collecting revenue (especially one responsible for stopping bootlegging).

Dependant: a person who relies on another person for support (especially financial support).

Heirloom: (law) any property that is considered by law or custom as inseparable from an inheritance is inherited with that inheritance.

Home Office: the government department in charge of domestic affairs.

Exogamy: marriage to a person belonging to a tribe or group other than your own as required by custom or law.

Public Property: property owned by a government.

Chief: a person who is in charge.

Attainder: the legal status of a person who is alive but who has been deprived of the rights and privileges of a citizen or a member of society; the legal status of one sentenced to life imprisonment.

Paymaster: a person in charge of paying wages.

Postmaster: the person in charge of a post office.

Station Agent: the person in charge of a railway station.

Confirm: support a person for a position.

Countercharge: a charge brought by an accused person against the accuser.

Archivist: a person in charge of collecting and cataloguing archives.

Head Nurse: the person in charge of nursing in a medical institution.

Wallah: usually in combination: person in charge of or employed at a particular thing.

Warder: a person who works in a prison and is in charge of prisoners.

Chair: a seat for one person, with a support for the back.

Aid: money to support a worthy person or cause.

Pillow: a cushion to support the head of a sleeping person.

Toll Bridge: a bridge where toll is charged for crossing.

Accusal: a formal charge of wrongdoing brought against a person; the act of imputing blame or guilt.

Associate: a person who joins with others in some activity or endeavor.

Commit: give entirely to a specific person, activity, or cause.

Tolbooth: a booth at a tollgate where the toll collector collects tolls.

Enthusiast: an ardent and enthusiastic supporter of some person or activity.

Hobbyist: a person who pursues an activity in their spare time for pleasure.

Related Words

تنخواہ کاٹنا : Withholding , نفاذ : Imposition , جمع کرنے والا : Accumulator , ٹیکس وغیرہ لگانا : Levy , ڈیوٹی حکومتی ٹیکس : Duty , عائد کرنا : Impose

Close Words

محصول ورثہ : Death Duty , محصول پذیر : Nonexempt , محصول دار : Taxer , محصول آمدنی : Income Tax

Close Words Definitions

Death Duty: a tax on the estate of the deceased person.

Nonexempt: (of goods or funds) subject to taxation.

Taxer: a bureaucrat who levies taxes.

Income Tax: a personal tax levied on annual income.

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