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Bunkmate meaning in Urdu

Bunkmate Definitions

1) Bunkmate : کمرے میں ساتھ سونے والا : (noun) someone who occupies the same sleeping quarters as yourself.


Useful Words

Absolute Space : خالی جگہ , Niche : مناسب جگہ , Interest : تفریح , Hand-To-Hand : نزدیک , Quarter : چوتھائی حصوں میں تقسیم کرنا , Hand To Hand : دست بدست , Diggings : وقتی رہنے کی جگہ , Neap : جزر , House : گھر , Scuffle : ہاتھا پائی کرنا , Accommodation : مہمان خانہ , Arouse : جاگنا , Sleeper : سونے والا , Fast Asleep : گہری نیند میں سویا ہوا , Asleep : سویا ہوا , Snorer : خراٹے لینے والا , Dream : خواب دیکھنا , Islamic Republic Of Pakistan : پاکستان , Dorm : کالج یونیورسٹی میں رہنے کا کمرہ , Bedchamber : خلوت گاہ , Sleeper : ریل گاڑی یا گاڑی جس میں سونے کے لیے انتظام ہوتا ہے , Wheeze : سانس میں مشکل ہونا , Bivouac : چھاونی , Cohabit : ساتھ رہنا , Gun Room : توپچی خانہ , Dope Off : بیٹھے بیٹھے سوجانا , Cat Sleep : ذرا دیر سونا , Nap : سونا , Roomette : ریل گاڑی میں سونے والے ڈبے میں ایک علیحدہ ذاتی چھوٹا کمرہ , Dormant : سویا ہوا , Glossina : خون چوسنے والی مکھی

Useful Words Definitions

Absolute Space: physical space independent of what occupies it.

Niche: a position particularly well suited to the person who occupies it.

Interest: a diversion that occupies one`s time and thoughts (usually pleasantly).

Hand-To-Hand: being at close quarters.

Quarter: divide into quarters.

Hand To Hand: at close quarters.

Diggings: temporary living quarters.

Neap: a less than average tide occurring at the first and third quarters of the moon.

House: a dwelling that serves as living quarters for one or more families.

Scuffle: fight or struggle in a confused way at close quarters.

Accommodation: living quarters provided for public convenience.

Arouse: stop sleeping.

Sleeper: a rester who is sleeping.

Fast Asleep: sleeping deeply.

Asleep: into a sleeping state.

Snorer: someone who snores while sleeping.

Dream: experience while sleeping.

Islamic Republic Of Pakistan: a Muslim republic that occupies the heartland of ancient south Asian civilization in the Indus River valley; formerly part of India; achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1947.

Dorm: a college or university building containing living quarters for students.

Bedchamber: a room used primarily for sleeping.

Sleeper: a passenger car that has berths for sleeping.

Wheeze: breathe with difficulty while sleeping.

Bivouac: temporary living quarters specially built by the army for soldiers.

Cohabit: share living quarters; usually said of people who are not married and live together as a couple.

Gun Room: military quarters of midshipmen and junior officers on a British warship.

Dope Off: change from a waking to a sleeping state.

Cat Sleep: sleeping for a short period of time (usually not in bed).

Nap: a period of time spent sleeping.

Roomette: a small private compartment for one on a sleeping car.

Dormant: lying with head on paws as if sleeping.

Glossina: bloodsucking African fly; transmits sleeping sickness etc.

Related Words

Acquaintance : جان پہچان کا شخص