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1 of 3) Cabbage, Chou : کرمکلہ, گوبھی : (noun) any of various types of cabbage.

I made cabbage today.

2 of 3) Cabbage, Abstract, Filch, Hook, Lift, Nobble, Pilfer, Pinch, Purloin, Snarf, Sneak, Swipe : اچک لینا : (verb) make off with belongings of others.

3 of 3) Cabbage, Boodle, Bread, Clams, Dinero, Dough, Gelt, Kale, Lettuce, Lolly, Loot, Lucre, Moolah, Pelf, Scratch, Shekels, Simoleons, Sugar, Wampum : مال, روکڑا : (noun) informal terms for money.

Useful Words

Coleslaw : کدوکش کی ہوئی بند گوبی , Cole : بند گوبھی , Cabbage Butterfly : گوبھی کا کیڑا , Borecole : کرم کلہ , Head Cabbage : بند گوبی , Brassica Oleracea Capitata : بند گوبی کا پودا , Type : ٹائپ کرنا , Auto-Mechanic : گاڑیاں ٹھیک کرنے والا , Fringe Benefit : اضافی مراعات , Hypersplenism : برھی ہوئی تلی کی بڑھی ہوئی ہیمولائیٹک عاملیت , Fergon : خون بنانے کی دوائی , Carcinoma : سرطان , Rale : خرخراہٹ , Component : جز , Abstractly : تصوراتی اصطلاح میں , Abstract : خاکہ پیش کرنا , Abstraction : تصوراتی تصویر , Bacitracin : اینٹی بائیو ٹک دوا جراثیم سے لاحق مرض کے لئے , Abstract Artist : خیالی مصور , Reify : حقیقت سمجھنا , Lay : رکھنا , Find : لینا , Acquire : پانا , Concreteness : ٹھوس پن , Halothane : ایک صاف اور بے رنگ مائع جو بے ہوش کرنے کے لیے استعمال کی جاتی ہیے , Cancer Of The Blood : خون کا سرطان , Arrive At : پہنچنا , Have : پاس ہونا , Emblematic : بطور علامت , Personification : تجسم , Draw Out : کھینچ نکالنا

Useful Words Definitions

Coleslaw: basically shredded cabbage.

Cole: coarse curly-leafed cabbage.

Cabbage Butterfly: white butterfly whose larvae (cabbageworms) feed on cabbage.

Borecole: a hardy cabbage with coarse curly leaves that do not form a head.

Head Cabbage: any of several varieties of cabbage having a large compact globular head; may be steamed or boiled or stir-fried or used raw in coleslaw.

Brassica Oleracea Capitata: any of various cultivated cabbage plants having a short thick stalk and large compact head of edible usually green leaves.

Type: write by means of a keyboard with types.

Auto-Mechanic: someone whose occupation is repairing and maintaining different types of automobiles.

Fringe Benefit: an incidental benefit awarded for certain types of employment (especially if it is regarded as a right).

Hypersplenism: enlarged spleen and a decrease in one or more types of blood cells; associated with many disorders.

Fergon: trade name of a drug rich in iron; used to treat some types of anemia.

Carcinoma: any malignant tumor derived from epithelial tissue; one of the four major types of cancer.

Rale: a rapid series of short loud sounds (as might be heard with a stethoscope in some types of respiratory disorders).

Component: an abstract part of something.

Abstractly: in abstract terms.

Abstract: give an abstract (of).

Abstraction: an abstract painting.

Bacitracin: a polypeptide antibiotic of known chemical structure effective against several types of Gram-positive organisms; usually applied locally.

Abstract Artist: a painter of abstract pictures.

Reify: consider an abstract concept to be real.

Lay: put into a certain place or abstract location.

Find: receive a specified treatment (abstract).

Acquire: come into the possession of something concrete or abstract.

Concreteness: the quality of being concrete (not abstract).

Halothane: a nonflammable inhalation anesthetic that produces general anesthesia; used along with analgesics and muscle relaxants for many types of surgical procedures.

Cancer Of The Blood: malignant neoplasm of blood-forming tissues; characterized by abnormal proliferation of leukocytes; one of the four major types of cancer.

Arrive At: reach a destination, either real or abstract.

Have: have or possess, either in a concrete or an abstract sense.

Emblematic: serving as a visible symbol for something abstract.

Personification: a person who represents an abstract quality.

Draw Out: remove, usually with some force or effort; also used in an abstract sense.

Related Words

Money : دولت , Steal : چرانا

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