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Canalisation meaning in Urdu

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Canalisation Definitions

1 of 2) Canalisation, Canalization : نہر بنانے کا عمل : (noun) the production of a canal or a conversion to canals.

2 of 2) Canalisation, Canalization, Channelisation, Channelization : راستے پر لگانے کا عمل : (noun) management through specified channels of communication.

Useful Words

Utricle : خلیہ , Barge : بھاری سامان لادنے والی کشتی , Canal Boat : نہری کشتی , Haversian Canal : ہڈی کا خلا , Christianisation : عیسائی بنانے کا عمل , Block : منجمد کرنا , Dramatisation : ڈرامے بازی , Liquefaction : پگھلاو کی حالت , Affrication : فرک کاری , Air-Slake : ہوا لگانا , Hyperthyroidism : گلھڑ کا مرض , Anxiety Hysteria : دماغی بیماری , Afforestation : زمین کو جنگل بنانے کا عمل , Colicky : گیس کی بیماری سے متاثر , Ship Canal : جہاز گزر نہر , Enteron : آنت , Cerumen : کان کا میل , Bowel : آنت , Otitis Externa : بیرونی کان کی سوزش , Stenosed : سکڑا ہوا , Towing Path : دریا کے کنارے پر , Hindgut : جانور کی پچھلی آنت , Canalis Vertebralis : ریڑھ کی نالی , Aspinwall : کریبین کا ایک شہر , Digestible : قابل ہضم , Gamal Abdel Nasser : وہ مصری شخص جس نے سوئس کینال کو قومی ملکیت میں لیا , Presentation : وضع جنین , Bridge : پل , Head Gate : بند کا دروازہ , Hatch : انڈے سے بچے کی پیدائش , Theorisation : نظریہ سازی

Useful Words Definitions

Utricle: a small pouch into which the semicircular canals open.

Barge: a flatbottom boat for carrying heavy loads (especially on canals).

Canal Boat: a long boat that carries freight and is narrow enough to be used in canals.

Haversian Canal: any of the many tiny canals that contain blood vessels and connective tissue and that form a network in bone.

Christianisation: conversion to Christianity.

Block: prohibit the conversion or use of (assets).

Dramatisation: conversion into dramatic form.

Liquefaction: the conversion of a solid or a gas into a liquid.

Affrication: the conversion of a simple stop consonant into an affricate.

Air-Slake: alter by exposure to air with conversion at least in part to a carbonate.

Hyperthyroidism: an overactive thyroid gland; pathologically excessive production of thyroid hormones or the condition resulting from excessive production of thyroid hormones.

Anxiety Hysteria: a form of hysteria having features of both conversion disorder and anxiety neurosis.

Afforestation: the conversion of bare or cultivated land into forest (originally for the purpose of hunting).

Colicky: suffering from excessive gas in the alimentary canal.

Ship Canal: a canal large enough for seagoing vessels.

Enteron: the alimentary canal (especially of an embryo or a coelenterate).

Cerumen: a soft yellow wax secreted by glands in the ear canal.

Bowel: the part of the alimentary canal starts from the stomach.

Otitis Externa: inflammation of the external ear (including auricle and ear canal).

Stenosed: abnormally constricted body canal or passage.

Towing Path: a path along a canal or river used by animals towing boats.

Hindgut: the caudal part of the alimentary canal in vertebrate embryos.

Canalis Vertebralis: the canal in successive vertebrae through which the spinal cord passes.

Aspinwall: a port city at the Caribbean entrance to the Panama Canal.

Digestible: capable of being converted into assimilable condition in the alimentary canal.

Gamal Abdel Nasser: Egyptian statesman who nationalized the Suez Canal (1918-1970).

Presentation: (obstetrics) position of the fetus in the uterus relative to the birth canal.

Bridge: a structure that allows people or vehicles to cross an obstacle such as a river or canal or railway etc..

Head Gate: a gate upstream from a lock or canal that is used to control the flow of water at the upper end.

Hatch: the production of young from an egg.

Theorisation: the production or use of theories.

Related Words

Production : پیدا کاری کا عمل , Direction : نگرانی

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