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Flow meaning in Urdu

Flow Sentences

The semen begins to appear in males and to be emitted at the same time of life that the catamenia begin to flow in females.
The crowd flowed out of the stadium.

Flow Synonyms


Flow Definitions

1 of 6) Flow, Flowing : بہاو : (noun) the motion characteristic of fluids (liquids or gases).

2 of 6) Flow, Flux : ابل پڑنا, نکلنا : (verb) move or progress freely as if in a stream.

3 of 6) Flow, Stream : بہاو : (noun) the act of flowing or streaming; continuous progression.

4 of 6) Flow, Stream : قطار : (noun) something that resembles a flowing stream in moving continuously.

The museum had planned carefully for the flow of visitors.

5 of 6) Flow, Catamenia, Menses, Menstruation, Menstruum, Period : حیض آنا, حیض کا ماہانہ آنا, ماہواری : (noun) the monthly discharge of blood from the uterus of nonpregnant women from puberty to menopause.

6 of 6) Flow, Menstruate : حیض آنا : (verb) undergo menstruation.

Useful Words

Aerodynamics : ہوائی حرکیات , Channel : آبی گزر گاہ , Eddy : گردش کرنا , Reflux : الٹا بہاٴو , Weir : بند جو سطح آب کو بلند کرنے کے لیے نہر پر باندھا جاتا ہے , Tributary : معاون دریا , Pump : ہوا کے زور سےکھینچ نکالنا , Standing : کھڑا پانی , Leaky : رسنے والا , Bottle : بوتل میں رکھنا , Adsorb : جذب کرنا , Line : زمین میں ڈالی جانے والی وغیرہ , Storage Tank : ٹنکی , Hydrodynamics : ماقوا حرکیات , Tube : نالی , Aerodynamic Force : ہوائی طاقت , Air Flow : ہوا کا بہاو , Draw : بہانا , Kinetic Theory : نظریہ حرکت , Flood : سیلاب , Flux : بہاو , Air-Cooled : ہوا کے ذریعے ٹھنڈا کیا گیا , Pour : بہانا , Ebb : لہر کا واپس جانا , Brim Over : بہہ جانا , Halt : روکنا , Disgorge : پھیلانا , Stream : بہنا , Run Out : پانی وغیرہ گرنا , Current : کرنٹ , Ebb : لہر کی واپسی

Useful Words Definitions

Aerodynamics: the branch of mechanics that deals with the motion of gases (especially air) and their effects on bodies in the flow.

Channel: a passage for water (or other fluids) to flow through.

Eddy: flow in a circular current, of liquids.

Reflux: an abnormal backward flow of body fluids.

Weir: a low dam built across a stream to raise its level or divert its flow.

Tributary: (of a stream) flowing into a larger stream.

Pump: raise (gases or fluids) with a pump.

Standing: (of fluids) not moving or flowing.

Leaky: permitting the unwanted passage of fluids or gases.

Bottle: store (liquids or gases) in bottles.

Adsorb: accumulate (liquids or gases) on the surface.

Line: a pipe used to transport liquids or gases.

Storage Tank: a large (usually metallic) vessel for holding gases or liquids.

Hydrodynamics: study of fluids in motion.

Tube: conduit consisting of a long hollow object (usually cylindrical) used to hold and conduct objects or liquids or gases.

Aerodynamic Force: forces acting on airfoils in motion relative to the air (or other gaseous fluids).

Air Flow: the flow of air.

Draw: cause to flow.

Kinetic Theory: (physics) a theory that gases consist of small particles in random motion.

Flood: a large flow.

Flux: a flow or discharge.

Air-Cooled: cooled by a flow of air.

Pour: flow in a spurt.

Ebb: flow back or recede.

Brim Over: flow or run over (a limit or brim).

Halt: stop the flow of a liquid.

Disgorge: cause or allow (a solid substance) to flow or run out or over.

Stream: flow freely and abundantly.

Run Out: flow, run or fall out and become lost.

Current: a flow of electricity through a conductor.

Ebb: the outward flow of the tide.

Related Words

Motion : تحریک , Change Of Location : ہوائی سفر , Current : بہاوٴ , Freshet : بارشوں کا سیلاب , Overflow : لبریزی , Hypermenorrhea : حیض کا زیادہ مقدار میں بہنا یا آنا , Oligomenorrhea : غیر معمولی حیض , Bleed : خون بہنا , Cockle : موجوں کی طرح حرکت ہونا

Flow in Book Titles

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