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1 of 3) Canary, Fink, Sneak, Sneaker, Snitch, Snitcher, Stool Pigeon, Stoolie, Stoolpigeon : جاسوس, مخبر : (noun) someone acting as an informer or decoy for the police.

2 of 3) Canary, Canary Yellow : ہلکا پیلا, ہلکی پیلاہٹ : (noun) a moderate yellow with a greenish tinge.

3 of 3) Canary, Canary Bird : چڑیا : (noun) any of several small Old World finches.

Useful Words

Common Canary : اوقیانوسی چڑیا , Double-Dealing : منافقت , Fast : تیزی سے , Custody : پولس کی تحویل , Officer : پولیس والا , Black Maria : پولیس کی گاڑی جس میں قیدیوں کو لے کر جایا جاتا ہے , Police Boat : پولیس کی کشتی , Posse : وقتی سپاہیوں کا دستہ , Lieutenant : پولس افسر , Ssp : سینیئر سپریٹینڈیٹ پولیس , Police Dog : جاسوسی کتا , Drug Bust : غیر قانونی دوائیوں پر پولس کا قبضہ کرنے کا عمل , Constable : پولیس کا نچلے درجے کا سپاہی , Detective : خفیہ پولیس کا افسر , Cplc : سیٹیزن پولیس لیےزان کمیٹی , Police Academy : پولیس کی اکیڈمی , Book : جرم درج کرنا , Lockup : حوالات , Ham : زیادتی کرنا , Generosity : بے غرضی , Hold Back : تاخیر کرنا , Manner : ڈھنگ , Surveillance : کڑی نگرانی , Mug Shot : چہرے کی تصویر , Collective : مشترکہ , Drop : کام سے روکنا , Buffoonery : مسخرا پن , Interactional : متعامل , Abidance : مطابقت , Behavior : چال چلن , Compulsiveness : مجبوری

Useful Words Definitions

Common Canary: native to the Canary Islands and Azores; popular usually yellow cage bird noted for its song.

Double-Dealing: acting in bad faith; deception by pretending to entertain one set of intentions while acting under the influence of another.

Fast: acting or moving or capable of acting or moving quickly.

Custody: holding by the police.

Officer: a member of a police force.

Black Maria: van used by police to transport prisoners.

Police Boat: a boat used by harbor police.

Posse: a temporary police force.

Lieutenant: an officer in a police force.

Ssp: Senior Superintendent Police.

Police Dog: any dog trained to assist police especially in tracking.

Drug Bust: seizure of illegal drugs by the police.

Constable: a police officer of the lowest rank.

Detective: a police officer who investigates crimes.

Cplc: Citizen Police Liaison Committee.

Police Academy: an academy for training police officers.

Book: record a charge in a police register.

Lockup: jail in a local police station.

Ham: exaggerate one's acting.

Generosity: acting generously.

Hold Back: wait before acting.

Manner: a way of acting or behaving.

Surveillance: close observation of a person or group (usually by the police).

Mug Shot: a photograph of someone`s face (especially one made for police records).

Collective: done by or characteristic of individuals acting together.

Drop: stop pursuing or acting.

Buffoonery: acting like a clown or buffoon.

Interactional: capable of acting on or influencing each other.

Abidance: acting according to certain accepted standards.

Behavior: manner of acting or controlling yourself.

Compulsiveness: the trait of acting compulsively.

Related Words

Finch : گانے والی چڑیا , Yellow : پیلا , Betrayer : رقم کے بدلے خبر دینے والا

Canary in Book Titles

The Canary: An Owner`s Guide to a Happy Healthy Pet.
The Canary: Mating and Breeding, Varieties, Care and Management.
Ethical Canary: Science, Society, and the Human Spirit.

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