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Cartier Meaning in Urdu

1. Cartier - Jacques Cartier : فرانسیسی کہوجی : (noun) French explorer who explored the St. Lawrence river and laid claim to the region for France (1491-1557).

Related Words

Cartage - Carting : مال برداری : the work of taking something away in a cart or truck and disposing of it.

Cart : گدھا گاڑی وغیرہ : a heavy open wagon usually having two wheels and drawn by an animal.

Cartier in Book Titles

Cartier Panthere.
Jacques Cartier: Exploring the St. Lawrence River.
Cartier: 1899-1949, the journey of a style.
Jacques Cartier: Navigating the St. Lawrence River.

Useful Words

Claim : دعوی : an assertion that something is true or factual. "Despite the government’s claim"

Adventurer - Explorer : مہم جو : someone who travels into little known regions (especially for some scientific purpose).

French : فرانسیسی زبان : the Romance language spoken in France and in countries colonized by France.

Lawrence - Lawrence Of Arabia - T. E. Lawrence - Thomas Edward Lawrence : ترکی کے خلاف عرب بغاوت کا منصوبہ بنانے والا کیمبریا کا فوجی : Welsh soldier who from 1916 to 1918 organized the Arab revolt against the Turks; he later wrote an account of his adventures (1888-1935).

Part - Region : علاقہ : the extended spatial location of something. "The farming regions of France"

River : دریا : a large natural stream of water (larger than a creek). "The river was navigable for 50 miles"

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