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1 of 2) Carton : کارٹن بھر Kartan Bhar : (noun) the quantity contained in a carton.

English Synonym(s) : Cartonful

Related : Containerful


2 of 2) Carton : کارٹن Kartan : (noun) a box made of cardboard; opens by flaps on top.

Urdu Synonym(s) : گتے کا ڈبہ Gatay Ka Daba

Related : Box

Useful Words

Box : ڈبہ Daba : a (usually rectangular) container; may have a lid. "Box laying upside down"

Cardboard Composition Board : سخت کاغذ Sakhat Kaghaz : a stiff moderately thick paper. "Put a cupboard under the matress"

Contained : قابو میں ہونا Qabu Mein Hona : gotten under control. "The oil spill is contained"

Dither Flap Fuss Pother Tizzy : افراتفری Afratafri : an excited state of agitation. "He was in a dither"

Made : بنایا ہوا Banaya Huwa : produced by a manufacturing process. "Bought some made goods at the local store; rope and nails"

Clear Open : کھلا Khulla : a clear or unobstructed space or expanse of land or water. "Finally broke out of the forest into the open"

Amount Measure Quantity : مقدار Miqdar : how much there is or how many there are of something that you can quantify.

Spinning Top Teetotum Top Whirligig : لٹو Latto : a conical child`s plaything tapering to a steel point on which it can be made to spin. "He got a bright red top and string for his birthday"

بھاڑ میں جاو