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Ceremonial meaning in Urdu

Ceremonial Sentence

A ceremonial occasion.

Ceremonial Synonyms

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Ceremonial in Detail

1 of 2) Ceremonial : رسمی : (satellite adjective) marked by pomp or ceremony or formality.

Ceremonial garb.

Related : Formal : being in accord with established forms and conventions and requirements (as e.g. of formal dress).

2 of 2) Ceremonial, Ceremonial Occasion, Ceremony, Observance : تقریب : (noun) a formal event performed on a special occasion.

Related : Social Occasion : a vaguely specified social event. Funeral : a ceremony at which a dead person is buried or cremated. Wedding Ceremony : the social event at which the ceremony of marriage is performed.

Useful Words

Ceremonial Dance, Ritual Dance, Ritual Dancing : مذہبی رقص : a dance that is part of a religious ritual.

Ceremonious, Pompous : رسمی : characterized by pomp and ceremony and stately display.

Unceremonial, Unceremonious : رسم و تکلف کے بغیر : without ceremony or formality. "An unceremonious speech in public".

Calumet, Peace Pipe, Pipe Of Peace : علامت صلح و امن : a highly decorated ceremonial pipe of Amerindians; smoked on ceremonial occasions (especially as a token of peace).

Function : تقریب : a formal or official social gathering or ceremony. "It was a black-tie function".

Investiture, Investment : عہدہ عطا کرنے کی تقریب : the ceremonial act of clothing someone in the insignia of an office; the formal promotion of a person to an office or rank.

Ceremonially, Ritually : رسمی طور پر : in a ceremonial manner. "He was ceremonially sworn in as President".

Ceremoniousness : رسمی ہونا : a ceremonial manner.

Scepter, Sceptre, Verge, Wand : عصا : a ceremonial or emblematic staff.

Eclat, Pomp : شان و شوکت : ceremonial elegance and splendor. "Entered with much eclat in a coach drawn by eight white horses".

Banquet, Feast : ضیافت : a ceremonial dinner party for many people. "I invited him in a banquet".

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